Merivale acquire’s Three Weeds Hotel, Rozelle

Sydney / 4 September 2019
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Merivale acquire’s Three Weeds Hotel, Rozelle

Sydney / 4 September 2019

From Bondi to the bustling inner west, Totti’s 2.0 is set to replace Rozelle’s Three Weeds Hotel.

It was only a few months ago that we first caught wind of Justin Hemmes snapping up another iconic Sydney pub for a cool $5 million. Having served Rozelle locals for over 130 years, heritage listed hotel, Three Weeds, is now getting the Merivale treatment. Yes, the empire is flexing its hospitality muscle once again.

The new venue will join fellow Merivale siblings of the inner west – Enmore’s Queen Chow and Marrickville’s The Vic on the Park.

As for what we can expect, the local pub is predicted to get an Italian makeover, taking its cues from Totti’s in Bondi Beach.

Opening in late 2018 at the back of The Royal on Bondi Road, Totti’s was quick to make itself known on the shores of breezy Bondi, its light and bright interior playing host to flavoursome charcoal meats, pastas, antipasto and a tight list of classic Italian desserts.

Information is still fairly scant on Totti’s 2.0 in Rozelle, but what we do know is that the pub will continue to trade as normal, while future plans are being developed. 

Merivale now fronts over 70 prominent food and beverage venues across Sydney.

Watch this space for more information as it arises!

Brace yourselves Sydney. Merivale is also opening four new bars and restaurants in the ivy complex. Get the full scoop here.