Mary’s Pizzeria Opens inside The Lansdowne

Eat, Sydney / 24 October 2018

Mary’s Pizzeria has your late-night food hankerings sorted.

They may be the unofficial burger lords of Sydney but now the Mary’s crew are throwing their hats into the pizza ring, with the opening of a brand new pizzeria. Located inside the iconic live music venue, The Lansdowne, Mary’s Pizzeria are serving tongue-in-cheek pizzas in its intimate 12-seat pizzeria.
Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham, the brains behind Mary’s and The Unicorn, along with Mary’s Group Executive Chef Jimmy Garside, are responsible for the new venture.
If you’ve been to the Lansdowne, you’ll be familiar with Jake’s ‘trash food’ concept. On the menu you’ll find quality ingredients, including fior di latte cheese, teamed with what Jake describes as ‘shit mozzarella’ and ‘crap pepperoni’.
This same concept carries through at Mary’s Pizzeria. The dough itself undergoes an impressive 72 hour fermentation process, before its adorned with some of the highest quality Italian and Australian ingredients.
The menu is divided into Detroit ‘square’ style and New York ‘round’ style pizzas. On the Detroit list, you can order creatively titled pizzas including the ‘Spicy Fucker’ ($18) – made with ‘roni, fennel sausage, fresh jalapeño, red sauce and ‘cheesus christ’. Or try the ‘Tropical Fucker’ made with glazed ham, roasted QLD pineapple, red sauce and three different types of cheese.

As for the New York menu, expect the classics, including crowd pleasing Marinara and Margherita. They sit alongside some more creatively named delights, including the N’DUJA Wanna – made with n’duja, red sauce, buffalo ‘mozz’, Sicilian olives and basil.

If you’re not feeling up to pizza, a tight selection of Mary’s burgers and snacks are also available.

As for the drinks menu, Mary’s manager Tai Tate is the mastermind behind the carefully curated list. At Mary’s Pizzeria, the idea is that you can sip on a fine wine, while consuming on a slice of ‘pineapple fucker’. Mary’s commitment to the anti-establishment carries through at the Lansdowne, and it seems like nothing is slowing them down.