Luna Park Reinvents Itself with Tech-Powered Dream Circus

Play, Sydney / 21 December 2023

Get ready to dive into underwater realms, soar through starry skies, and beyond.

Remember the thrill of stepping into a darkened tent, anticipation buzzing as laughter and muffled music swirled within? Luna Park ignites that spark once more with Dream Circus, its captivating new immersive experience nestled within the iconic Big Top. Unveiled amidst a star-studded gala, Dream Circus marks a bold expansion beyond the traditional rollercoaster thrills, inviting us to a world where imagination pirouettes on cutting-edge technology.

Gone are the static displays of yesteryear. This is a symphony of light, sound, and movement, weaving a spell around you from the moment you enter. Mesmerising 360-degree projections paint dreamscapes across 3,000 square meters, transforming the Big Top into a canvas for wonder. Loveable characters guide you through whimsical worlds, from the Big Top’s familiar razzle-dazzle to seaside vistas and fantastical undersea landscapes.

Luna Park Big Top Dream Circus experience

Inside Dream Circus you’re not just watching, you’re feeling the vibrant thrum of surround sound, the tactile brush of projected light, the playful nudge of motion-activated elements. This isn’t your average VR headset escapade; this is stepping into the magic, letting it envelop you in a tapestry of sights and sounds.

As John Hughes, CEO of Luna Park, aptly puts it, “Now, the time has come for all of Sydney to revel in the enchantment, joy, and escapism that this immersive experience offers.” Dream Circus, a $15 million labor of love, is a testament to Luna Park’s commitment to evolving with the times. It’s not about abandoning its heritage, but rather embracing the best of both worlds – the enduring allure of the classic park coupled with the captivating allure of immersive storytelling.

Dream Circus’s magic is set to extend beyond a single season. This isn’t just a temporary tent; it’s a permanent “Magic Box” poised to stage future immersive experiences, groundbreaking live music, and innovative events. Luna Park is betting on Sydney’s creative future, offering this state-of-the-art space as a training ground for the next generation of tech wizards and storytelling gurus.

The curtain rises on December 22nd – are you ready to step into the adventure? Tickets can be booked here for the hour long immersive experience at $45 for adults and $35 for children.