Did Koko Black Just Create The Best Lockdown Snack Of 2021?

Eat, Sydney / 28 July 2021

Launching a new snack in lockdown is a competitive game and we’ve put Koko Black’s new chocolate coated popcorn to the test. Does it level up?

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have been eating our weight in chocolate during the lockdown? With recent studies claiming that chocolate “might be” associated with a reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, as well as its superpower to release endorphins and make you happy, we thought we better start increasing our intake (we’ll take all the help we can get in lockdown).

When it comes to chocolate, it’s worth the splurge. Just like life is too short to drink mediocre wine, life is also too short to eat mediocre chocolate (write that down). When we’re craving chocolate, we often turn to Artisan chocolatier Koko Black. Since 2003, the brand has been put on a pedestal creating some of Australia’s most luxurious and high quality chocolate. They’ve also been known to break the mold (so to speak) and create some of the most innovative creations including their collaboration with Black Star Pastry to create The Meteor Cake for World Chocolate Day. If you were lucky enough to sink your teeth into that one, I think we can agree they should bring it back asap.

In more recent days, they have launched a brand new chocolate snack that in our eyes, has earned its place on the ‘Best Lockdown Snacks Of 2021’ list. Worthy to share with only your favourite housemates, we’d like to introduce Koko Black’s Chocolate Coated Popcorn bites. It’s as indulgent as it sounds and comes in a variety of decadent chocolate flavours to elevate your snack game.

We’ll start from the beginning… You’ll need to add the Chocolate Coated Popcorn to your cart and it will set you back $17.90 a pack. You might say that’s quite expensive? You wouldn’t be wrong, but must we remind you of our mantra above – life is too short to eat mediocre chocolate. You’ll get to choose between four luxe flavours including Pop Goes The Milk with honey glazed popcorn and milk chocolate, Popped In The Dark with deep dark chocolate over candied popcorn, Goldie with white chocolate and sweetened popcorn, and Berry Poppins with berry white chocolate covering delicious honey popcorn (I’m not drooling you’re drooling).

Now for the packaging. Let’s just say this is officially the cutest packaging we’ve ever seen which counts for everything. The little chocolate bites are stacked high into a miniature popcorn box with folds on either side, just like the ones in the movies. They’ve gone as far as to put thick black and white stripes on the box for the full experience.

This next part has absolutely nothing to do with the chocolate, but you should probably get your movie ready before you start digging in. Here is a list of our top 12 feel good movies to choose from. This is a very important step because if you start eating before you put on the movie, you will get consumed by the food and completely forget you were doing anything else except stuffing your face. Speaking from experience, it can be quite overwhelming when it first hits your lips.

And last, the taste. These moreish chocolate bites comprise the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Put it in your mouth and you first get a hit of rich chocolate followed by pops of salty caramel and then a euphoric cloud puff of savoriness from the popcorn to finish. They truly melt in your mouth and you will not be able to stop once you open the box, just like real movie popcorn.

So to answer our own question, yes it does level up. This is our favourite lockdown snack of 2021 so far!

How do you get them? Head to the Koko Black website and treat yourself. If you know a friend who might need some extra endorphins in lockdown, this is the perfect surprise to send to their doorstep.