An Epic Human-Sized Kaleidoscope Is Landing In Sydney

Play, Sydney / 24 July 2023

Completely made of glass, steel, mirrors and moving prisms.

Love immersive experiences? Thanks to talented Melbourne artist, Keith Courtney, it’s time to brace yourself for an interactive journey that will paint your world in memorising colour! Best known for his Melbourne works, House of Mirrors and 1000 Doors, Kaleidoscope is his breathtaking new interactive mirror maze, coming to the Powerhouse Museum (who recently hosted experience, Darkfield) from 29th July. 

Kaleidoscope promises an experience of mirrors and light, where reality blurs and imagination soars. It first premiered last year at Arts Centre Melbourne and since then has toured six Australian cities from regional towns like Bendigo to sunny Brisbane. The structure stands at 700 square meters, with over 160,000 people around the country already having experienced the mesmerising symphony of Kaleidoscope’s light and sound.

Now, Sydney gets its chance to enter the optical playground, designed to be marvelled at both in day and night. During daylight hours, Kaleidoscope transforms into a glistening crystal playground, and while the sun sets, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking display of colourful lights against the night sky. Much like the renowned toy it’s named after, the human-sized kaleidoscope features internal mirrors, radiant glass, and translucent coloured beads. As the light alters and the intricate design turns, an entirely new and captivating refraction spectacle comes to life.

“No two people will have the same experience in Kaleidoscope. This is a multi-sensory and physical experience where the visitor is completely submerged in sound and light — a vortex of serenity,” explains Courtney. “Their experience is entirely personal, and I think that’s what I’m most proud of with this artwork. It makes my heart sing knowing that each person can walk through and create their own feeling of magic.”

Kaleidoscope will be showing from 29th July-10th September every Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm-9pm. For more information, visit their website here