Jinja At The Governor Hotel Reintroduces Cherished Classic Cantonese Dishes

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 12 December 2023

Featuring a variety of more than 20 dim sum options, a ceremonial tea-tasting corner, and a revamped menu fusing Chinese tradition with sophistication, Jinja deserves a prime spot on your must-visit list.

Situated in The Governor Hotel, Jinja emerges as a standout addition to Macquarie Park’s dining scene, embracing Chinese tradition. Under the expert guidance of ex-Crown Head Chef, Sebastian Tan, known for his culinary prowess at hatted establishments like Silks and Teahouse, Jinja has revisited its debut menu, revitalising cherished retro classics.

Chef Tan defines the ‘classic dishes’ as “embodying authenticity in flavour, encapsulating the essence of culinary tradition.” With the introduction of new classics, Jinja invites guests to embark on a culinary odyssey, where each dish tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the enduring spirit of Cantonese cuisine that has lasted generations.

Jinja New Menu Items Communal Dining Experience

The fresh and diverse flavours showcased in the new menu harmonise perfectly with the essence of summer. Noteworthy mentions include the Peking Duck Bao and the Chilli Burrata —masterpieces that showcase the intersection of authenticity and modernity by blending flavours that we’ve come to expect from a traditional yum cha experience with trendy items that Sydney diners are just a little bit obsessed with.

For mains, diners are invited to indulge in Nan Jing Style Crispy Pork Belly. This dish, adorned with citrus, star anise, dried chilli, and a spicy plum sauce, reflects Chef Tan’s commitment to creating memorable and flavourful dishes. Among the tempting share plates are the BBQ menu’s Char Siu Pork and the Sichuan Beef Ma-Po Tofu, offering a delightful journey through diverse spices across China’s regions.

Jinja has the classics covered with its offerings of indulgent Mongolian Lamb and flavourful Sweet and Sour Chicken.

To close off the experience, we suggest sinking your spoons into the Secret Deep Fried Ice Cream, designed to offer relief from Sydney’s summer temperatures.

On Jinja’s walls hang artworks by Ronnie Samuels, showcasing the inspiration behind the venue’s namesake, the beloved Sydney icon Jinghua, also known as ‘Jinja.’ Her strong ties to Chinese heritage and love for ginger spice provide the backdrop for the venue’s tribute to tradition.

As you explore the vibrant Shanghai-inspired atmosphere, you’ll discover secret rooms and private wine spaces hidden behind sliding walls. Whether settling into opulent red velvet banquettes or seeking privacy in sumptuous booths, Jinja offers an ambience that complements every dish.

Experience Chef Sebastian Tan’s meticulously crafted menu from Wednesday through to Sunday. For reservations and more information, visit here.

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