Hugo's Kings Cross is Opening a Pop-Up Bar

Sydney / 16 November 2016

Hugo’s Kings Cross is set to reclaim Sydney nightlife.

Since the implementation of the lock out laws in 2014, Sydney’s Kings Cross resembles more of a ghost town than anything else on your typical Friday and Saturday nights. Sydney institution, Hugo’s Lounge, closed their doors as a result, along with 20 other establishments. Although long gone are the days of late night drinks and dance sessions, a few punters are attempting to breath new life into this neighbourhood.
One such name is Eric Jury. Jury has taken up the challenge to reinvent what was once the well established Hugo’s Lounge on Bayswater Road. Back in the day, people would flood to this watering hole for delicious cocktails and late night pizzas. Situated in the beating heart of Kings Cross, Patrons had a plethora of night clubs at their fingertips. One too many espresso martinis and your night could go from zero to hero real quick.
Set to open up in February 2017, the new Hugo’s pop-up bar will mimic Double Bay’s Casablanca nightclub. Casablanca is shutting it’s doors permanently next year in the wake of residential developments. Although coined as strictly a ‘pop-up’  for now, Jury has his eye set on establishing the Lounge as a permanent venue. Permanency will depend on the success of this first venture. With sound restrictions set to be a big issue in this reopening, Jury has been researching into sound proofing the new venue.
So what do you think? Will the Lounge be a success or are Sydneysiders done with the Cross? Surely you’re all at least a little bit curious…