The Best Hot Cross Buns For Easter 2024 In Sydney

Eat, Sydney / 19 March 2024

X marks the spot!

While we can’t go past a classic supermarket hot cross bun, sometimes you just want to up the ante! From classic flavours of spice and currants to savoury hybrids there is enough doughy goodness to get you through the long weekend!

Hot Cross Buns Humble Bakery

Humble Bakery, Surry Hills

Humble Bakery is shaking things up this Easter with a range that caters to sweet and savoury. Purists will find solace in their “Traditional Hot X Bun,” brimming with classic spices and fruit. Got a sweet tooth? The “Dulce de Leche Custard Filled Hot Cross Bun” offers a light and fluffy bun exploding with creamy indulgence. But Humble doesn’t stop there! For the adventurous, their “Hot Cross Reu-Bun” is a revelation – a savoury masterpiece featuring Porteño pastrami, horseradish cream, and tangy pickles nestled within a spiced bun.

Hot Cross Buns Din Tai Fung Bao

Din Tai Fung, Multiple Locations

For those going beyond the classic buns this year, Din Tai Fung’s Hot Cross Baos might be your answer. These limited-edition delights are a delightful fusion of Easter tradition and Taiwanese flair. Inside their signature steamed baos, you’ll taste the flavours transformed with the touch of Easter with plump raisins and chunks of chocolate. It’s a playful reimagining of a beloved Easter treat, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of novelty alongside tradition. But be warned – these popular baos disappear fast, so get in early to avoid missing out!

Hot Cross Buns Bar Mammoni Cruffin

Bar Mammoni, Sydney CBD

Craving a hot cross bun with a twist? Look no further than Bar Mammoni and its sister venues! Their classic Hot Cross Bun, available at Bar Mammoni, This Way Canteen, Promenade Kiosk, and Martinez Kiosk, is anything but ordinary. Packed with tangy goji berries and candied orange zest, it’s a flavour explosion nestled in a soft, rich dough redolent of Biscoff thanks to their house-roasted speculoos spices. But for those who love a pastry mashup, Bar Mammoni has a showstopper: the Hot Cross Cruffin. This beauty combines the buttery flakiness of a croissant with the warming spices of a hot cross bun. Inside, a decadent chocolate namelaka cream infused with cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom adds a touch of luxury.

Frenchies Babka Hot Cross Buns

Frenchies Bakery & Pâtisserie, Roseberry

If tradition is your comfort food at Easter, then Frenchies Bakery & Patisserie has you covered. Their classic hot cross bun is a marriage of familiar flavours with plump raisins soaked in orange juice, a touch of citrus zest, and a house-made spice mix of cinnamon, aniseed, and cardamom. They haven’t forgotten the chocoholics either, offering a double chocolate version with a rich cocoa dough studded with milk and dark chocolate chips. Frenchies also take things up a notch for sharing with their Easter Babka. This decadent masterpiece serves 6-8 people and features layers of their signature brioche dough enveloping a generous chocolate spread and a scattering of hazelnuts. It’s a beautiful centrepiece that combines French flair with the joy of Easter indulgence.

Hot Cross Buns Benriach The Grounds

The Grounds x Benriach, Alexandria

Whisky lovers, rejoice! This Easter, The Grounds of Alexandria has teamed up with Benriach single malt Scotch whisky for a unique take on the hot cross bun. Their limited-edition Scotch Cross Buns feature currants and raisins steeped in Benriach’s “The Original Ten” whisky, offering a subtle boozy twist on the traditional flavours. Available for takeaway or enjoyed as part of a decadent “Scotch Cross Bun Pudding” dessert served in-house, these buns promise a playful yet sophisticated Easter indulgence.

Hot Cross Buns Sonoma Bakery

Sonoma Bakery x Whittakers, Multiple Locations

Calling all chocoholics! Sonoma Bakery has teamed up with Whittaker’s Chocolate this Easter for a truly decadent hot cross bun. Combining Sonoma’s signature spiced dough recipe with an infusion of Whittaker’s rich chocolate, these limited-edition buns offer a luxurious take on a classic. Keep your eyes peeled for the Sonoma “S” on top, a playful nod to tradition with a modern twist. These buns are only available on select Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays leading up to Easter, so be sure to grab one (or a box!) before they disappear.

Hot Cross Buns Tokyo Lamington

Tokyo Lamington, Newtown

This year why not enjoy a Japanese twist on your traditional Easter treat? Tokyo Lamington is serving up Easter whimsy this year with a trio of treats. Their signature Yuzu Hot Cross Bun offers a refreshing citrus twist with its Japanese yuzu-infused sultanas. Craving chocolate? The Lamington Hot Cross Bun features a rich cocoa dough, perfect for those who prefer a break from the traditional spices and fruits. And for a true taste explosion, don’t miss their Hot Cross Lamingtons – a delightful fusion of their signature pastry with Easter flavours. Whether you choose one or indulge in all three, Tokyo Lamington promises a playful and delicious Easter experience.