Love Craft Beer? Check Out Australia’s First Co-op Brewery In The Inner West

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 19 August 2020

Meet Hopsters, the first cooperative brewery to land in Enmore in Sydney’s inner west.

Grabbing a pint with your mates is one of Sydney’s favourite ways to spend the week. It’s a chance to unwind and kick back after a long week at work and gather with other like-minded beer lovers. And if you’ve ever dreamt of ditching your day job to open a pub or craft delicious brews, this new opening will be right up your alley.

Meet Hopsters, the first cooperative brewery to open in Australia. Lucky for us, the team has launched a taproom in the heart of the inner west in Enmore. It’s a new concept for many of us, but this coop brewery is set to unite like-minded craft beer lovers across Sydney and beyond. And with over 600 co-owners already a part of Hopsters, it’s clearly a winning formula.

Founded in 2016 by Marco Vargas, Hopsters is founded on a simple principle: to bring craft beer lovers together to create a first of its kind brewery experience. Earlier this year, Hopsters scored their first dedicated taproom, located in the heart of the inner west on Enmore. This venue is a spot to sip the coop’s signature brews and bring members together for tastings, home-brewing workshops, meetings and more.

To sign up the coop it will set you back $250 for a lifetime membership, which includes a stack of exclusive benefits like member-only tastings, classes, taproom discounts and even a cut of the profits from the business. Plus, members can even nominate to join the Board of Directors to help make decisions about what tasting brews the coop will start producing next.

In the coming months, the Hopsters team plan to brew all of their own beers on-site from the back of their Enmore taproom. In the meantime, punters can book in for a 2-hour session at the taproom from Friday to Sunday (2 hours for $20 per person), which includes 2 schooners of beer of glasses win (max 10 per booking). Plus, they have plans to offer 2 outdoor tables so you can bring your furry friends along, too.

To find out more about Hopsters and to become a member of Australia’s first coop brewery, click here.