Here Are 6 New Initiatives Supporting Local Hospitality Businesses

Bars, Cafes, Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 30 March 2020

Can’t visit your favourite cafe, restaurant or bar? Here are a bunch of new initiatives that are supporting local hospitality businesses.

With new restrictions in place forcing hospitality venues to shift to takeaway only (or close entirely), Sydney’s local businesses need our support more than ever. So, here are six initiatives you can get behind to show your support.

Cheers To Your Local

Cheers to Your Local is a brand new not-for-profit set up by two local blokes, Michael and Shannon, wanting to help support their local pubs and hospo staff by selling t-shirts, jumpers, stubby holders and facemasks online. Since launching in May 2020, the duo has been selling merch and clothing with 100% of the proceeds going to help local hospo venues. So far, the team has helped over 175 venues and their staff with the initiative. To find out more and show your support, click here.

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Spend With Them 

Although it seems like a distant memory, Australia’s unprecedented bushfire season earlier this year caused immense damage to local businesses across the country. It was at that time that the Instagram profile Spend With Them was born. Launched as a way to connect shoppers with small businesses across the country, the IG feed has gained over 201k followers since launching, featuring struggling businesses in need of support from around Australia. And now, the account is throwing its support behind those affected by COVID-19. From boutique catering companies to businesses delivering fresh oysters Australia-wide, there’s plenty of opportunities to order online and show your support for local hospitality businesses. To find out more, visit the Spend With Them IG account here.

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Saving Plates

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? Why not score an incredible takeaway feed from one of Sydney’s best restaurants! The new platform Saving Plates is helping to connect diners with all of the Sydney restaurants now offering takeaway options across the city. The website acts as a directory that allows users to search for the contact information of different restaurants now offering takeaway menus across Sydney. You can also filter by keywords (such as the cuisine you’re craving) as well as by suburb. So far, there’s plenty of delicious options from the likes of A1 Canteen, Chin Chin, Casoni, Fish Butchery and even Gelato Messina. To find out more, click here.

Save Our Locals

With hospitality venues across Sydney struggling to keep their doors open, we’re all looking for practical ways we can lend a hand. That’s where Save Our Locals come in. This website is on a mission to save Sydney’s hospitality industry, one gift card at a time. The website enables you to buy a restaurant gift card for the favourite venues across the city, and redeem once the venue is able to operate again. Not only will the help secure a meal out for you in the months to come, but it will also give these venues a much-needed cash boost during this challenging time. To find out more, click here.

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Meals For Mates

With thousands of hospitality workers impacted by COVID-19, a new initiative by Pernod Ricard (makers of Absolut Vodka, Jameson Whiskey and Jacobs Creek wines) has just launched, offering $100,000 worth of meals to hospo workers out of a job. Meals For Mates is a way of getting behind those impacted by venue closures or reduced working houses, delivering 4,000 x $25 meal vouchers to those impacted. If you’re a hospo worker who has been impacted, you can redeem your voucher by emailing and providing a few details. A Deliveroo voucher code to the value of $25 will be emailed to you, and valid for three months.

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Surry Hills is one of our favourite foodie neighbourhoods. From bustling cafes to delicious dining and drinking spots, its a suburb with plenty to offer. But unfortunately, COVID-19 has also impacted the hospitality venues that call Surry Hills home. In response, the team from the Paramount House Hotel has launched the #StillLocalStillOpen initiative. The program is anchored by a Neighbourhood Pass, which gives you access to the best dining destinations across Surry Hills in one curated voucher. From delicious ramen at Chaco Bar to coffee and brunch at Reuben Hills, the pass ($150) includes exclusive offers at a bunch of hospitality venues across the suburb, all valid until December 2020. Plus, you can add on an overnight stay at the Paramount House Hotel with the Overnight Pass ($300). To find out more, click here.