Hendrick’s Gin presents The Theatre of Curiosities

Drink, Sydney / 11 April 2012

Hendrick’s Gin know how to throw a party. Where else would circus performers, skulls, cucumbers come together in a night of eccentric fun? The Theatre of Curiosities came to life last Wednesday night at the Darlinghurst home of cabaret, Slide Bar, where no expenses were spared in acts of  inspired oddities. Dwarves welding giant cucumbers greeted us with cheeky banter at the entrance, before we entered to find a carnival-esque atmosphere in the suave, dimly lit venue. Stilt walkers waded through the crowd, brushing past the giant gilded chandeliers, and face-painted staff presented trays of ‘rare and peculiar’ drinks. Beggar’s punch in teacups, anyone?

Miss Freakie you're so tall!!

Performers were no scarcity, with many acts of brave splendour stunning the audience often cringing in second-hand pain. The sword-swallowing, hat-tossing Space Cowboy impressed us with his utter lack of gag reflex and ability to swing two irons hanging by oversized hooks placed inside his eye sockets; and if you’re a fan of walking on swords, putting your hand in bear traps or balancing very big and sharp knives on your face, The Princess of Pain would definitely be your lady. The DJ Miss Kitty Glitter spun records all night in a bedazzling gold sequined catsuit, while our glasses were kept full with many different forms of Hendrick’s gin-based cocktails. So many ways to skin a cucumber!



Hendrick’s Gin


41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

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