Harris Farm's Curious Cuts

Eat, Sydney / 15 July 2015

With beef prices on the rise, Harris Farm Markets have launched a new campaign championing less traditional cuts of meat. Their Curious Cuts campaign aims to help reduce food waste, support Aussie farmers and give customers a more affordable product.
The name Curious Cuts could worry some but they’re not talking about cow feet and offal rather secondary meat cuts. The ones not currently sold in major Australian supermarkets.
The range includes four Tasmanian grass-fed premium Cape Grim cuts; beef brisket, beef chuck ribs, beef bavette and beef tri-tip. They’ve also got a pork oyster shoulder cut on offer.
Thinking you’ll stick to your scotch-fillet? Hear us out.
The ‘Curious Cuts’ range has a variety of benefits, and not just for your wallet. Australian farmers, those struggling blokes out in the back-of-beyond, will benefit economically. Campaigns like this will increase the value of a whole cow, rather than just select parts.
By advocating ‘nose-to-tail’ eating, Harris Farm markets aims to reduce the amount of good-quality meat turned into pet food and low-value by-products. This means valuable production resources won’t be wasted, and environmental sustainability of the meat industry will be supported.
If that’s enough to convince you, think of your wallet. The Curious Cuts meat range is up to 30% cheaper than premium cuts of meat, and offer an educational, intriguing change to your weekly menu.
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Doug Piper from Meat and Livestock Australia sees the introduction of Curious Cuts as an absolute necessity, encouraging major supermarkets to follow suit: “It’s essential we start driving Australian demand for cuts of meat that are not as popular as the traditional eye fillet or sirloin steak. The introduction of Curious Cuts will help strengthen the local meat industry by encouraging the consumption of the whole beast on-shore, increasing its value while reducing the amount of production resources wasted.”
There you have it folks. Chuck another bavette on the barbie.
For more info visit Harris Farm Curious Cuts