A New Gyoza and Beer Stadium Arrives to Darling Harbour

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 16 January 2019
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A New Gyoza and Beer Stadium Arrives to Darling Harbour

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 16 January 2019

Part eatery, part brewery – Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium has your craft beer and dumpling hankerings sorted.

Japanese craft beer, dumplings and that infamous raindrop cake. Just when you thought Harajuku Gyoza had solidified its mark with Potts Point, Brisbane and Queensland outposts, they have now expanded their reach to sunny Darling Harbour.

Located across from Tumbalong Park, the new gyoza and beer eatery hits the ‘stadium’ brief with its massive two-story complex. As you enter the main dining area, a mishmash of dining booths and free-standing tables comfortably accomodate hoards of hungry patrons.

Harajuku Gyoza’s chefs can still be spotted in their signature red bandanas, hand crafting a range of delicious dumplings before your very eyes, while friendly waitstaff will greet you with a lively “irasshaimase” (meaning ‘welcome’) as you enter.

As for the all important food menu, you’ll find all of Harajuku Gyoza’s signature dishes. Think pork, prawn and even mozzarella and tomato gyoza (which come either steamed or fried), plus more creative dishes, including an open gyoza with slow cooked pork belly, apple, pickled ginger and crispy gyoza skins. ‘Yum Bowls’ also feature, including karaage chicken plus lighter options such as a salmon sashimi poke bowl.

As well as a restaurant, what you’ll also find at Harajuku Gyoza is an onsite Japanese micro brewery. The high ceilings make way for the four shiny 1200-litre tanks that stand alluringly behind the main bar. They’re brewing everything from a dry rice lager to sorachi hops pale ales, plus an apple cider under the beer brand Yoyogi.

For those looking to delve deeper into the world of Japanese beer, six out of the 12 beer taps will be pouring Japanese-style beers brewed onsite.

For more information, check out Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium’s website here

Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium is open daily from 11am to late.