The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Starts This Thursday

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 24 April 2018

Praise Be, the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale is premiering this Thursday night.

The long-awaited Handmaid’s Tale Season Two is set to premiere this Thursday 26th of April at 8:30pm and we are totally losing it.
You heard correct. Cancel your plans and get the popcorn ready. We are about to indulge in a wrenching 2 hours of dystopian horror which will be premiered on SBS and SBS On Demand.
This time around, the Hulu original is treating us to a 13 episode season. It has been extended from a previous 10 episodes, with one episode to be released weekly on Thursday nights. What a tease.
What makes Season Two even more thrilling is the fact we have no idea where it’s taking us. Season One left us on the edge of our couches with the image of June (Elizabeth Moss) stepping into the back of a van. Where is she being taken? What will happen to her? No one knows! *cue dramatic music* Not even our book-worm friends who read ahead and commentated through Season One know. Now we venture into unknown territory beyond the source from Margaret Atwood’s novel. The future is now in the hands of director Bruce Miller.
Predicted to be even darker than Season One, you can expected big shocks and bizarre scenes that will no doubt blow us away.

Thursday nights just got a whole lot more riveting. Haven’t seen Season 2 Trailer? You can watch it below.