Grain Bar’s New Era Blends Drinks, Delight, And Entertainment

Drink, Sydney / 22 March 2024

Grain Bar’s back with a bang – and a live saxophone!

For Sydney’s cocktail connoisseurs, a familiar name is taking on a fresh lease on life. Grain Bar, nestled within the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, has unveiled a captivating transformation, blending its renowned elegance with a vibrant energy and a dash of theatrical flair.

Step inside and discover a space where contemporary glamour meets retro charm. Gone are the days of hushed conversations and quiet evenings. Grain Bar is now buzzing with entertainment, with bartenders taking centre stage and performances weaving their way through the clientele. The atmosphere reflects the new Hero and Signature cocktails – bursting with colour, flavour, and playful creativity.

Grain Bar Sydney Cocktail

The cocktails themselves are a show-stopper. Grain Bar’s talented bartenders, each with their unique heritage and culture, have crafted a selection of ingenious concoctions that tantalise the taste buds and spark the imagination.

Think freshly sourced ingredients that transport you across the globe. Indian-born Beverage Manager, Sarath Nair, a celebrated figure in the world of mixology, has led his team to weave their personal stories and expertise into every beverage. From Chile to Italy, France to Vietnam, and Nepal to the Philippines, these international perspectives come together in cocktails with evocative names like “Pot Au Feu,” “Curry Leaf Tiny Tini,” and “Pina Fizz.” Each creation promises a journey for the senses, a taste of faraway places without leaving the heart of Sydney’s vibrant cocktail scene.

But the experience extends beyond the liquid delights. Grain Bar has quickly become a hotspot for diverse entertainment. Live music featuring electro-swing and saxophone intertwines with the artistry of DJs, magicians, and enigmatic performers.

Grain Bar Sydney Team

And of course, no good performance goes unaccompanied by a delicious supporting act. The food menu has been revitalised to perfectly complement the cocktails, creating a full sensory journey. Executive Chef Francesco Mannelli has devised a menu of delectable bites – think smoked duck nestled in a lotus bao bun, delicate tuna tartare cones, and a playful “Bloody Liquid” reimagining the classic Bloody Mary.

“The relaunch of Grain Bar has been highly anticipated,” says Uday Rao, General Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney. “We’re excited to be offering something truly unique to both Sydneysiders and visitors. Grain Bar is a place to create lasting memories, experience heartfelt service, and indulge in an enticing cocktail list with a lively atmosphere. We know this transformation will keep guests coming back for more.”

So, whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast seeking a new adventure, or simply looking for a vibrant evening with a touch of theatricality, Grain Bar’s new chapter promises an unforgettable experience. It’s time to raise the curtain on a night to remember.

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