Fresh Catches and Seaside Bites: Dive into GetSashimi’s Debut in Bondi

Restaurants, Sydney / 15 November 2023

Straight from the markets to the beach, GetSashimi is showcasing that there’s more than just ‘fish & chips’ by the sea.

Unveiling a seafront spectacle, GetSashimi has opened its doors along Campbell Parade, Bondi, offering a vibrant rendezvous for seafood enthusiasts. Helmed by Antonio Muollo, the visionary entrepreneur behind GetFish, this new venture promises an array of ocean delights, seamlessly marrying the allure of fresh sashimi with the laid-back charm of Bondi’s shoreline.

GetSashimi is the brainchild of Muollo, a 24-year-old with a profound connection to the world of fish. After transforming his family’s seafood shop at the Sydney Fish Market into GetFish, he envisioned a place where the salty breeze of Bondi meets the tantalising slices of premium sashimi. “I started working at the fish markets when I was nine years old, so I’ve always been around fish. At GetFish, I [started doing] a lot more sushi and sashimi, and it really took off,” Muollo shares.

Get Sashimi owner Antonio Muollo standing proudly infront of fresh sashimi display in store.

The heart of GetSashimi lies in its dedication to delivering the freshest cuts directly from the ocean to the plate. Plump fillets of Japanese tuna belly, Ora King salmon from New Zealand, and hiramasa kingfish take centre stage. Local treasures, including Tasmanian salmon and bluefin tuna belly, stand proudly alongside bonito, cuttlefish, snapper, and John Dory. Orange-tipped triangles of surf clams and rows of paradise prawns add a vibrant Tetris touch to the display. Smoked eel, scampi, and steamed octopus tentacles await their turn, promising a seafood symphony.

The journey from market to Bondi is swift, thanks to a van shuttling between the two, ensuring a timely transition from ocean harvest to a culinary masterpiece. Artful rows of sushi, caviar-topped oysters, and poke bowls complete the takeaway ensemble. For those seeking a dine-in experience, an 18-person sashimi train invites patrons to savour the ocean’s bounty in a relaxed setting.

Muollo’s vision doesn’t end with Bondi’s shores. A Coogee store is already on the horizon, promising an extended coastal culinary adventure for seafood aficionados. Find the full menu here.