Get DIY Guac And Margarita Packs Delivered To Your Door

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 16 June 2020

Kick-off your next at-home celebration with DIY guac and margarita packs.

As much as we love cooking, sometimes we’re looking for a quick and simple solution to feed the troops. And if you’re planning to have your crew around, we’ve found just the at-home boozy snack pack to get you excited. The best bit? It combines two of our favourite things: guacamole and tequila.

Let the fiesta begin with new limited-edition DIY Guacamole and Margarita Packs, curated by Australian Avocados and alcohol delivery service Boozi. The partnership unites iconic Mexican flavours, giving Sydneysiders the chance to bring their favourite Mexican cocktail and bar snacks to their living room (minus the fuss).

These brands have united to deliver everything you need to craft the perfect guac, including Austalian-grown avos, limes, chillis and corn chips. Plus you’ll also score 500ml bottle of pre-batched Tommy’s margaritas to wash it all down.

These DIY guac and margarita kits are perfect for avo lovers or anyone looking to host an at-home celebration to reunite your crew. These kits are priced at just $40 and can be ordered and delivered cold within the hour (for those with live within a 15km radius of the Sydney CBD). Plus other Sydneysiders can also score delivery, extending to Pymble in the North, Bexley in the South, Bondi in the East and Sydney Olympic Park in the West. Talk about convenience!

Orders are open now for these limited edition kits, connecting you with high-quality produce and all the goodies you need to make this perfect snack combo.

Ready to order your ultimate DIY kit? You have three options: deliver cold within the hour (for those in 15km of the CBD), same-day delivery or delivery anytime. The team from Boozi will deliver your kit to you from 10am to 10pm daily, perfect for curbing those guac and marg cravings whenever they strike.

Inside each kit, you’ll find chilli salt mix, 2x Australian-grown Hass avocados, limes, chillies, La Tortilleria Totopos corn chips plus a guac trio recipe to get your inspired! Plus, they’ll be a bottle of pre-made Tommy’s Margarita mix ready to go. To order your kit, click here.