Sydney’s 2020 Festival Of Dangerous Ideas Delivers An Epic Digital Line-up

Events, Festivals, Play, Sydney / 24 August 2020

Get ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas with FODI Digital 2020.

For a decade Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) has given a platform to timely, provocative and boundary-pushing conversations. As Sydney’s original disruptive festival (co-founded by The Ethics Centre and the Sydney Opera House in 2009), FODI continues to shine a spotlight on important subjects with a diverse line-up of local and international thinkers, creators, innovators and speakers. It’s an event designed to inspire debate, encourage critical thinking and give attendees the chance to consider some of the world’s most pressing issues.

But this year, FODI’s in-person event (slated for April 2020, during the peak of COVID-19 restrictions in Sydney) was postponed. Since then, the FODI team launched a series of digital conversations known as ‘FODI Digital’, delivering a curated selection of virtual talks and events.

While FODI Digital won’t replicate the original 2020 event program, fans can expect to tune into three intimate online conversations this spring, taking place on Thursday, September 10, Thursday, September, 24, and Saturday, October 11. Taking inspiration from the 2020 event theme of ‘dangerous realities’, this trio of virtual events will tackle everything from surveillance to climate change and everything in between.

On Thursday, September 10th tune into ‘Dangerous Fictions’ with Marcia Langton as she discusses the challenges faced by Australia’s First Nations people and the divergent views dominating our public discourse. Don’t miss the ‘Surveillance States‘ session on Thursday, September 24th with Edward Snowden about the threats posed by new tech on our privacy. Finally, make sure to stream ‘The Uninhabitable Earth‘ session on Sunday, October 11th as David Wallace-Wells discusses the climate crisis we’re all facing.

Tickets to FODI Digital are on sale now, ranging from $10-$15 per session (or stream all three for $30). To find out more and secure your spot, click here.