Cult US Burger Joint Has Opened Second Sydney Store In The CBD

Eat, Sydney / 29 March 2022

Grab a greasy burger & shake from the beloved US burger chain Five Guys in Penrith or the CBD.

Sydney, we know you love a good burger. We’ve even put together a guide of our favourite burgers spots to help you out when you’re craving something greasy. In exciting burger news, cult US burger chain Five Guys have opened another store in Sydney. After staking their claim in Penrith last year, they’ve set up shop in the CBD on George Street within the heritage-listed building, Spiden House.

Five Guys has come a long way, from humble beginnings as a small burger joint in Virginia back in 1986 to an international burger chain (earning a cult following and voted many times to be the world’s #1 burger restaurant). They’ve taken the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia by storm (with over 1,654 stores operating across the globe) and have since become renowned across Australia as they open more stores. The crew from Five Guys have teamed up with Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group (responsible for local favourites such as The Meat & Wine Co., Hunter & Barrel, 6HEAD and Ribs & Burgers) bringing the offering to Australia and New Zealand for the first time ever.

So, what can you expect from these Five Guys stores in Sydney? The chain is famous for its hand-cut fries and handcrafted range of delicious burgers, hotdogs and oh-so-delicious milkshakes. There are no freezers at Five Guys, meaning every dish is made using fresh ingredients, prepared in-store by their team of burger artists.

Expect everything from bacon cheese hotdogs to classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers as well as the classic Five Guys style fries (made using fresh-cut potatoes cooked in pure, 100% peanut oil). Make sure to leave room for a Five Guys shake, with these handspun vanilla milkshakes (made with or without whipped cream) featuring as many free mix-ins as you (featuring everything from bacon to Oreo cookies, peanut butter, salted caramel and so much more).

Find out more about Five Guys here.