Fine Dining Junk Food

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 22 April 2015

Introducing Chef Jacques La Merde, who has taken the idea of a ‘deconstructed’ dish to a new level. He’s taking well known junk food and making it look like something you’d find in a fine dining restaurant. Who could have thought chicken wings from Domino’s could look so good?!
“Pogos with Marble Cheeze slices, Honey Ham Rosettes, Spongebob Squarepants Zoodles and mustard tears.”
Dominos Chicken wing, Buffalo Bugles, raddichio, savoury Kraft Blue Cheese Anglais, green goddess enchantment and yellow beet”
“Kinder Egg filled with raw cake batter romanced with charred Rice Crispies, peanut butter, Goji and Mesquite powder.”
“Hostess cupcakes with rainbow Dunk-A-Roos, Yogurt raisins, some Nibz and Starbucks Mocha Frap Caviar, tiny mint and a piece of fancy moss.”
fancyjunk fine dining
“Kraft handi-snack with accoutrements of Kale chips, ranch corn nuts, Yyves Veggie-Bologna Strubbs”.
“Dunkin Munchkins, Birthday cake Oreo soil, Snickers Haché, Shamrock Shake Fluid gel and moostracks ice cream quenelle.”
Is it still Junk food if it looks this good? Maybe.
There are so many more of his creations, check them out on Chef Jacques La Merde’s Instagram here!