Everything You Need To Throw A Disco Like Pamela’s

Drink, Sydney / 11 August 2021
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Everything You Need To Throw A Disco Like Pamela’s

Drink, Sydney / 11 August 2021

Craving some Saturday Night Fever? Transport yourself to Pam’s disco universe with their groovy playlist and signature cocktails.

We are totally missing Sydney nightlife in lockdown. With an array of hidden bars and buzzy dancefloors at our fingertips, it feels like we’re being deprived of our weekend shenanigans. One of our favourite spots to let loose in a pre-lockdown world is Pamela’s, located in the basement of Prince Of York on York Street. If you haven’t been to Pam’s, it should be at the top of your list for a post lockdown blowout.

Your night begins in the restaurant where you fuel your evening on Mediterranean-inspired share plates and perhaps a bottle of natty wine. As you see the afternoon light fade, you make your way to the downstairs bar for some cocktails and a few rounds of shots in happy hour. When the drinks hit and you feel a burning desire to boogie, you take yourself to the basement disco den, that is Pamela’s. Think disco balls, think pink velvet lounges, think marble tabletops, think live DJs spinning 70s disco tunes until the early AM. Until we can visit again, here are the recipes, playlists and tips you need to throw a disco like Pam’s at home.

Cocktail recipes

We can all agree that no party is complete without a killer beverage selection. Luckily, the team from Prince Of York has shared the recipes for the most ordered cocktails at Pam’s. If you’ve had their cocktails before, you know they pack a punch of booze and give you the confidence you need to dance on the podiums. Tequila lovers, get your shakers ready!

Pamela Sunset

45 ml Don Julio Blanco
15 ml Aperol
30 ml Mandarin juice
20 ml Sugar syrup
10 ml Aquafaba
1. Add all ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker and shake, then dry shake.
2. Double strain into a sour glass and garnish with beetroot and sumac.


30 ml Don Julio Anejo
20 ml Punt e mes
25 ml Cold drip brew
5 ml Golden syrup
1. Add all ingredients with ice in a mixing jar.
2. Strain into a rock glass serve over an ice block and garnish with orange coin.

Chai Old Fashioned

50 ml Bulletin rye
10 ml Chai syrup
4 Dash bitters
1. Add all ingredients with ice in a mixing jar.
2. Strain into a rock glass serve over an ice block and garnish with an orange twist.

Disco playlist

You can always count on Prince Of York for a groovy playlist with Moonshine Music behind the speakers. Pam’s playlist has been specifically curated in the theme of 70s disco with favourites from Gwen McCrae, Donna Summer, Sister Sledge and Le Freak. Be prepared to feast your ears on a little bit of disco heaven. Get the playlist here 

Other tips

Delicious cocktails and a groovy playlist will sure get the party started, but there are a few other things you can do to get in the disco theme.

  1. Watch Saturday Night Fever – Starring John Travolta as Tony Manero, the movie is set in the late 70s when disco was at an all-time peak. The opening scene is Tony dancing on the sidewalk to The Bee Gees, and it totally sets the scene for the entire movie. Tony spends his Saturdays at a disco downtown where his stylish moves raise his popularity. The best part? The perfectly choreographed routine to ‘You Should Be Dancing’.
  2. Get a disco ball – A disco party without a disco ball is like a Halloween Party without a pumpkin. Order a sizey disco ball online that you can hang in the centre of your lounge room. Get rid of the furniture, dim the lights and you’ve just created your very own Studio 54.
  3. Disco dress code – To get into character, order yourself something that says glitz and glamour. Ladies, look for a plunging jumpsuit with sparkles or tassels. Gentleman, a button-up with a vampire collar and pants. Suit up!
  4. Order takeaway – What even is a party without snacks? Prince Of York is offering Party Packs for you to pick up or have delivered. You can get nibbles including Teriyaki Glazes Pork, Spanner Crab Buns, Fried Chicken, and more to fuel your evening. Order Pamela’s Park Packs here