Easy Eight Diner and Bar, Sydney

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 17 February 2016
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Easy Eight Diner and Bar, Sydney

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 17 February 2016

Take it easy at Easy Eight

We all know that cobblestoned lane way off Clarence Street. The one that leads you down the path to a regular queue formed at the entrance of world renowned whisky bar The Baxter Inn. It’s also where you’ll find the back entrance to The Barber Shop, another stellar bar with fine cocktails, charcuterie and the place in town to get a clean and shave if you’re a well groomed chap.Well, good things come in threes and the last Muskateer to join this triangle formation of good drinking is Easy Eight. This new watering hole is the second bar opening from the group that brought us music-fuelled, rock and roll bar Mojo Record Bar on Clarence St.
Step inside this low lit American diner style bar, with patterned lino floors and take a seat at one of the vinyl covered booths. Let your eyes adjust to the low lit, drop pendant lights that fill the dark space with twinkles of warm yellow lighting. And wait for one of the cute 1950s, rockabilly styled waitresses to take your order.
Easy Eight cocktails
The cocktail list, designed by Bar Manager Adam Hadad is all sorts of fun without compromising on quality. It’s as though Hadad is reliving his youth with this list or day dreaming about nostalgic delicacies found at carnivals.
There’s the Apple Pie cocktail made with freshly squeezed apple juice and vodka served in a short glass topped with a pie crust. Then there’s the Fairy Bread Fizz made with vodka, lemon, egg white, sugar and 100s and 1000s. “This drink is my childhood in a glass,” Hadad admits.
Easy Eight Apple Pie cocktail
We’re told all of the drink garnishes are edible. Some, are practically a meal. Who needs dessert when you can order a Pop Corn Old-Fashioned, my personal favourite. It’s made with popcorn infused bourbon and maple syrup and comes with a garnish of popcorn praline.
Then there’s the Ultima, a well balanced, refreshing “grown up” drink made with tequila, lemon, Yellow Chartreuse and maraschino liqueur served in a martini glass and garnished with slice of dehydrated lemon.
Hadad has even put a “healthy” drink on the menu, simply called Vodka Cocktail 2.0. It’s basically a vodka mojito made with agave instead of sugar, which for some is like “why bother”, but according to Hadad they’ve been flying out the door with health conscious city workers.
Easy Eight smoked brisket
The food menu has assorted American diner classics including a serve of pork crackle that’s undergone quite a process. First they boil the pig skin then they remove the fat, dry the skin, cut it into strips, air dry it overnight and finally fry and season it to make puffy little bite-sized snacks. You can still hear them cracking and popping as they’re brought to the table, kind of like savoury popping candy!
The lobster mac and cheese is a little dry on top but dig deep, rich, juicy lobster awaits. Balance this with the 12 hour smoked brisket (pictured above) that comes with pickled mustard and assorted pickles.
Easy Eight lobster mac n cheese
This 60 seater restaurant holds it own nestled amongst two heavy weight Sydney bars. Now if all three of them could get together and have one big party in the courtyard sometime that would be swell. Two hands up, yes please, that’s a party i’d love to attend.
Easy Eight Bar & Diner

152-156 Clarence Street, Sydney
(02) 9299 3769
Mon –  Sat, 4pm–midnight