Creative courses with Work-Shop

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 18 March 2015

Work-Shop is a creative space for everyone, with dozens of exciting classes on topics that range from dream catcher weaving to playing the Ukulele! Some of the classes are designed to teach necessary life skills and others to give you the creative edge as you tackle each day in this modern world.
The initiative is a collaboration between local artists and experts in the industry that utilises local suppliers for all materials used in the classes. The range of fun and interesting courses are designed for time poor Sydney-siders who are want to be about to do everyday things, extraordinarily.
We are loving the look of DIY Bottle Lamps, Introduction to Laughter Yoga and Miniature worlds- The Art of Terrarium Making!
Work-Shop’s space is also used by emerging artists to produce and sell their work, host community meetings, talks and many other events in the community. As Work-shops says, Work-Shop will inspire you to “pick up that pen, paintbrush, hammer or sewing machine and flick the switch that will kickstart a whole new way of life.”
For a full list of their upcoming classes and events, check out their website: