Charlotte's Little Sister, Eveleigh

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 30 May 2016

Charlotte’s Little Sister has opened in Eveleigh

Anyone who is the first-born child in a family knows the undeniable truth – the younger sibling is always way more spoilt. They never battled to get a bedtime beyond sundown. They watched MA-rated movies at age 14. And mum and dad always sided with them in a battle for the remote. But with the introduction of Charlotte’s Little Sister at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, that’s about to change. The little sibling is finally giving back, and we’re all set to benefit in a big way.
The original cafe and oldest for the siblings is Charlotte Cafe in Birchgrove. Since then spinoffs have opened in Manly, Pennant Hills, Mosman and Boronia Park.
Bucking the trend of the younger child relying on “hand me downs”, Charlotte’s Little Sister proudly displays a one-of-a-kind La Marzocco coffee machine from which Jason, the manager, pours me the smoothest of flat whites. They are serious about their coffee here.
With the caffeine still coursing through our veins, we start our meal with a spinach and watercress soup with house-cured salmon and poached egg. The soupy broth is so delicate and yet complex at the same time. The salmon is beautiful, whilst the yolk that oozes from the poached egg is borderline sexual. Cover your eyes, Charlotte.
Charlotte's Little Sister food
For those looking for something more hearty, Charlotte’s Little Sister’s custom built rotisserie offers succulent meat and salad rolls. The pork belly roll, with its crunchy crackling, is delicious. But it is the chicken version that really takes our fancy. The chicken is injected with brine making it salty and moist. And the horseradish sauce, well, as it drips off the side of the plate we are genuinely tempted to lick it straight off the table. Mum would not be impressed.
Charlotte's Little Sister sandwich
But the real masterstroke at Charlotte’s Little Sister is the beef burger, which brings back childhood memories of joyous Friday night family outings to McDonalds. Only this time we’re having the grown up, sophisticated version. A smoky BBQ sauce (that only takes a lazy 28hrs to make) swirls around gooey mayonnaise, atop at thick beef patty being strangled by melted cheese. This homage to the Maccas cheeseburger, however, comes in the form of a wonderful spicy tomato relish that is described as “an adult version of the kiddie burger sauce”.
Charlotte's Little Sister burger
By the end of our burger, and our visit to Charlotte’s Little Sister, the one and only concern we have is for Charlotte herself. The envy of what her sister has pulled together must be close to killing her.
Charlotte’s Little Sister
Australian Technology Park
1 Central Avenue, Eveleigh
Open Mon – Fri 6am – 4pm