Potts Point’s New Charming French Oasis: Caravin

Bars, Drink, Eat, Sydney / 26 September 2023

Potts Point is now home to a French-inspired wine bar thanks to the same talented team behind the beloved Bar Suze.

The vibrant food scene in Potts Point has seen a recent surge of exciting culinary venues, each offering a distinctive experience. Among the latest additions are Luc San, Luke Mangan’s innovative Izakaya, and Raja, a modern take on Indian cuisine. Joining this gastronomic wave is Caravin, a European-style wine bar that promises to transport diners straight to the enchanting streets of Paris.

Hailing from the creative masterminds behind the acclaimed Bar Suze in Surry Hills, Caravin embodies the passion of owners Greg Bampton and Phil Stenvall for everything French. Drawing inspiration from the romantic ambiance of Parisian bistros, Caravin has transformed the former Dumplings & Beer venue on Ward Avenue into a charming two-level space that exudes an authentic Parisian charm.

Caravin distinguishes itself with an international and Aussie wine list that caters to wine enthusiasts of all tastes, from seasoned connoisseurs to those looking to be surprised by a casual evening sip. However, Caravin offers more than just an impressive wine selection with an equally impressive food menu.

Begin with delectable oysters, elevated with a zesty tomato-infused celery vinaigrette. The crab crumpets provide a delightful twist on a classic, while the smoked beetroot tartare with wasabi and pomme gaufrette delivers an exquisite fusion of flavours and textures. For those seeking heartier fare, the agnolotti with chanterelle bouillon promises a comforting choice.

With only 30 seats available, the restaurant’s intimate setting ensures a personalised and attentive dining experience.

Whether you visit for date night or with a group of friends, don’t miss this refined addition to Potts Point, guaranteed to sweep you away to the enchanting streets of Paris. Find out more here.