Bhoomi Indian Glebe Restaurant Review

Sydney / 26 September 2018

Bhoomi is serving up Indian dishes that are anything but dahl.

As you enter Bhoomi, prepare for an assault on the senses. The sheer size of the restaurant is as overwhelming as the exotic spices that tickle your nose. The vast 220-seat venue is owned by restauranteur Ingrain Matta, from Circular Quay’s The Spice Room and is situated in the space formerly occupied by Darling Mills in the heart of Glebe. Large sandstone pillars and the lilac glow from neon lights lure you in.
Bhoomi offers traditional dishes from the Indian subcontinent with a contemporary twist. Working with Sri Lankan, Head Chef Chanaka Nalin Gunasekarage, who previously headed the kitchen at Subcontinental by Longrain, Bhoomi’s menu pays homage to Mother Earth.
Bhoomi tandoori and beef
On the A La Carte menu you’ll find tantalising food items such as the Earth Fired Tandoor Lamb Barrah Kebab Rack ($18.90 entrée or $28.90 main). The lean melt-in-your-mouth rack of lamb combines tandoori spices, cumin and mint chutney. Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs ($36) with curried beetroot mousse, Khicharee risotto, chutney and micro herbs is similarly moorish. Pair either with clay fired Garlic Naan ($4.50) to soak up the rich sauces.
Take the guess work away with the large banquet menu ($85 per person). This includes a degustation of eight dishes from appetisers to dessert. Highlights from the banquet include the Lamb Vindaloo Mini Masala Dosa- balanced warm spiced lamb is blanketed in a crispy crepe and rested on a bath of yogurt and soothing coconut chutneys. To the side, there is a Sambar, a rich lentil broth.
Bhoomi scallop
Hidden under a yogurt foam is the Scallop Papdi with onion, capers and chilli. Transporting you to a tropical island, the dish is a refreshing combination of salty scallop and lemon zest. Pair it with the Tumeric Bomb cocktail ($20), which combines gin, turmeric, cream, citrus and soda. The cocktail is like an adult version of a childhood classic, the Spider milkshake.
Bhoomi dessert
To finish the banquet, you’ll be hit with the 6 in 1 dish – The Bhoomi Dessert Platter. Consisting of a Chocolate Dosa with Masala banana, a Frozen Fruit Shell of passionfruit and mango ice cream, Jalebi cheesecake, mini Gulab Jamun, a Sesame and Saffron biscuit, and a Sesame Jaggery Laddu. The Frozen Fruit Shell is a refreshing palate cleanser. Meanwhile the Jalebi cheesecake is a unique twist of east meets west, elevated by the inclusion of strawberry flavours.
Bhoomi cocktails
Bhoomi’s wine lists offers a variety of Australian wines. However, the real delight comes from the full service bar, where mixologists craft cocktails infused with spices and ingredients found in the Indian pantry. Their version of a margarita, the Smoked Tamarind Chigali ($20), combines smokey mezcal, jalapeno syrup and tamarind, rimmed with paprika and served smoked with apple wood. Similarly, the Spiked Chai ($20), unites masala chai, cream, rum and Cointreau to make a warm chai latte inspired cocktail. As you sip your cocktail, opt for a bar snack of homemade Holi pappadams ($9.90) with salmon mousse.
Bhoomi has an extensive menu that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater with an authentic Indian feast. Check out the full menu here.
Bhoomi is open Mon-Tues 5pm-10pm, Wed-Sun 12pm-3pm, 5pm-10pm