Bar Luca Launches “Blame The Chef”, Five Weeks Of Burger Collabs

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Sydney / 12 October 2023
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Bar Luca Launches “Blame The Chef”, Five Weeks Of Burger Collabs

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Sydney / 12 October 2023

Bar Luca, a renowned burger establishment, is honouring Sydney chefs through an enticing burger challenge: unveiling five exclusive burger creations over the course of five weeks.

Bar Luca, a beloved Sydney burger destination situated in the CBD, is embarking on an exciting burger collaboration series. They have invited some of Sydney’s finest chefs to craft limited-edition burgers, and over the span of five weeks, five unique burgers will be revealed. It’s your task to determine the ultimate champion.

This event, named “Blame The Chef,” draws inspiration from the establishment’s traditional burger naming convention. For instance, their popular “Blame Canada” burger, paying homage to Canada, features delectable ingredients such as maple-glazed streaky bacon, maple aioli, and poutine.

Here’s how it works: Starting on the 16th of October, a new burger will grace the menu every week, available for just one week. Let’s take a peek at the culinary lineup:

Blame Rising Sun Workshop (Created by Director/Chef Nick Smith)
Features smashed pork belly patty, burger cheese, tonkatsu sauce, charred pickle, Japanese mayo, mimslaw, and a milk bun
Available from the 16th to 22nd of October

Blame NOLA (Created by Executive Chef Davyd Luke)
Features BL beef patty, double American cheese, celeriac remoulade, southern fried shrimp, hot sauce, and a BL milk bun.
Available from the 23rd to 29th of October.

Blame INDU (Created by Head Chef Erry Saliman)
Features a potato burger bun, devilled ketchup mayo, sesame & burnt chives slaw, and twice-fried chicken fillet.
Available from the 30th of October to the 5th of November.

Blame Gavroche (Created by Head Chef Batiste Gouraud)
Features a beef patty, raclette cheese, pommes pailles, brown butter onion compote, oak leaf, tartare sauce, and a brioche bun.
Available from the 6th to the 12th of November.

Blame Osteria Coogee (Created by Chef and Owner Regan Porteous)
Features fried porchetta, shoestring fries, truffle & dijon aioli, salsa verde, and a BL milk bun.
Available from the 13th to the 19th of November.

Get ready to savor these delectable creations and make the tough choice of selecting the best among them!