Banksii, Barangaroo

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 13 April 2016

Bar H is Barangaroo bound with new bar Banksii.

Husband and wife team Hamish Ingham and Rebecca Lines are bringing a new baby into this world, Banksii, a hot new bar and bistro. After the success of Bar H, they are now opening their second venture in the on-trend location of Barangaroo. The menu promises something quite different. It’s influenced by the flavours of the Mediterranean and experimenting with botanical elements and ingredients.
Sir Joseph Banks, the botanist that hitched a ride with Captain James Cook all those years ago is serving as the inspiration for the name “Banksii,” and the menu. There will be many refined dishes of breakfast, lunch and dinner, using rosemary sheep milk’s yoghurt with fresh honeycomb, to roast spatchcock with fried bread and agro dolche. Their dessert of banksia flower trifle with banksia syrup, sweet vermouth, and burnt vanilla custard is one we can’t wait to try.

Bar H via Facebook

You will certainly be spoiled for choice at the bar, with over 40 cocktails to try and a list of over 100 Australian and Mediterranean wines. Vermouth will be the star of the cocktail list, as well as being used in much of the cooking. It will be served straight as an aperitif and also as the cornerstone of their negronis and martinis. There’s also a bespoke vermouth from Maidenii on tap.
Expect a slick design as Luchetti Krell who has designed ACME and Momofuku Seiobi has now taken on Banksii, using the space to it’s fullest. The venue can seat up to 200 people in both an indoor and outdoor setting, right on the shore of Barangaroo.
Bansii will open in September but for now, you can still check out their Surry Hills venue Bar H, serving delicious modern Asian cuisine. Hamish works as the chef, with Rebecca as his sommelier for a match made in heaven!


Opening in September.
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