Enjoy Breakfast At Bake Bar, Double Bay

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 16 February 2016

Bake Bar

Specialising in gluten-free and organic breads and cakes, Bake Bar embodies a wholefood philosophy, with a menu filled only with sustainable and seasonal produce. Located on the former Woolworths site and the now Kiaora Place redevelopment, Bake Bar is one of the 20 specialty stores revitalising the area.
Bake Bar bakery
The third Bake Bar after outlets in Randwick and Alexandria, this Double Bay cafe is the team’s biggest venue to date. Seating 80 customers, it is beautifully designed with white tiles on the walls, handwritten chalkboards and a large wooden, communal table with smaller tables inside and outside on the forecourt. The ceiling light installation with exposed lightbulbs and black, oxidised metal frame is a charming detail, as is the window into the cake-baking studio, where one can observe a dough puncher hard at work making flour-less treats.
Bake Bar poached eggs
At the very heart and soul of the eatery is the sourdough-based fare. But as the kitchen is a little too small to house a bread oven, their bread offerings are brought in from Randwick. On an early Monday morning, breakfast diners are a mixed bunch, but sitting at a table with full view of the cafe, it’s easy to see that the loaves, buns and rolls are the most popular grab-and-go options.
Breakfast kicks off with a hot chocolate ($3.60) and a latte ($3.60). Both are comforting and welcoming. The first being a sweet concoction with chocolate melted into the milk, and the latter being a solid brew.
Bake Bar granola
Off the ‘Lite Brekkie’ menu is the goats cheese and cherry tomato served on sourdough bread ($9.50). The earthy, tart flavours of the goats cheese was wonderfully balanced with the garden-fresh tomatoes. The dense rye sourdough was also tasty. However as all sourdough does, once toasted it became tough to cut into. Normally this would not be an issue, but the plates were a tad too small and combined with the curved sides made it all the more difficult to slice into.
The butter on the side was also an odd choice. Instead of having to scrape off the topping into a mess on the plate, buttering the bread and then reassembling the dish, it would have been appreciated to be asked at the onset whether the bread should have butter or not.
Bake Bar goats cheese and tomato toast
The Gusto’s Famous Brekkie Combos allows punters to chop and choose their breakfast bowl. Starting at $7.50 for a small size, select from housemade granola muesli, bircher, rhubarb compote, mixed berry compote, fruit salad and yoghurt. The granola with yoghurt and mixed berry compote was right on the money. It’s a generous, uncomplicated dish that is all in all delicious.
Poking into the poached eggs, I expected there to be a splendid runny yolk centre. And there was, but only with one of the two eggs. Served on multigrain sourdough, there was a hint of yoghurt basil pesto and sides of perfectly cooked tomato, spinach, mushrooms, and fresh avocado.
Bake Bar muffin
Also available are an assortment of gluten-free and organic baked goods and pastries. The orange and almond cupcake as well as the pear and almond are both delightful and delish. Both are moist and intensely flavoured with the right amount of sweetness. Served warm the chocolate croissant was more fluffy than flaky, which was a nice surprise. However the sparseness of the chocolate was not.
Bake Bar chocolate croissant
Despite a few minor details, Bake Bar is a pleasing addition to the Double Bay foodie family. Indeed, it’s only early days yet and there is plenty of time to smooth out the creases. The service is impeccable, and the focus on gluten-free and organic produce truly is an exciting prospect that is certain to shake up the breakfast, and lunch, menus of the area.
Bake Bar
Shop 15, 451 New South Head Road, Double Bay
Ph: (02) 9328 3213
Open: Monday to Sunday 6am till 6pm

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