Newtown’s Baby Dragon Bar Has Undergone A Major Theatrical Facelift

Drink, Sydney / 4 April 2023

Escape the hustle of the city and step inside a tropical island oasis.

It’s a well-known secret to Newtown locals that Baby Dragon Bar is a hidden gem. Tucked away on Enmore Road, the venue has recently undergone an interior transformation, elevating the already immersive experience to new heights. Baby Dragon is almost otherworldly, transporting guests to their own island paradise. Upon stepping in, you’ll be greeted with waterfalls, vines and rocks, plus a stunning life-like cherry blossom tree looming over the bar. It’s the perfect escape from the inner city chaos, and a slice of mystical nightlife you never knew you needed.

Baby Dragon Bar is the latest venture of Julian Frederick, best known for Saga Bar in Chippendale. Julian’s dream idea was to create a space that was visually awe-inspiring, drawing on his previous experience in film. Together with mixologist Quinton Seeto and chef Juan ‘Johnny’ Neira, the three have teamed up to create something next level so guests can feel like they are an intrinsic part of an unfolding story.

Drinks at Baby Dragon only have one rule: it has to make you go ‘wow’. Quinton Seeto is no stranger to electric mixes, using smokes, flames and handcrafted ice (great for theatrics and great for Instagram posts), but still keeping cocktails expertly balanced in taste and flavour. To add to the dramatic effect, each drink also comes with its own QR code. When scanned, it shows a video of the drink being made so you can get the full Baby Dragon Bar experience. Make sure to try the Cafe A Los Arango (a reimagined Espresso Martini married with coffee, chocolate & spiced fig) as well as Fiery Kiss From Rati’s Lips (a tropical Baby Dragon re-make of a Spicy Margarita). 

As for the food, there’s a big focus on island-inspired snacks and street food. Shared plates are designed to complement the cocktails, drawing inspiration from all around the world — from Asian spices to Mexican flavours and Australian cheeses. Enjoy Dragon Kissed Fries (served with a wild blend of rosemary, garlic, chilli and exotic seasoning), Aztec Honey Chilli Prawns (served with tortilla, slaw and guacamole) and Laguna Plantation Banana Fritters to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Baby Dragon Bar is the perfect spot to wine, dine and discover, with a whole tropical island awaiting to be uncovered. Open Tuesday to Thursday from 6pm until late, and Friday to Sunday from 5pm until late.

To make a booking or for more information, visit their website here.