Asahi Super Dry, Extra Cold

Bars, Drink, Events, Sydney / 29 October 2014

Asahi Super Dry, Extra Cold Pop up Bar is going to be the solution to a scorching hot summer. Situated in the middle of city on 37 Bligh Street, the Asahi Summer Bar will be a cool oasis perfect for after work, celebratory or lunchtime drinks. With a suave and sophisticated interior, bold black signage and booths, the seasonal pop up exudes the premium nature of the Asahi Brand while maintaining a casual and relaxed vibe.
The highlight of the Super Dry, Extra Cold Bar is the deliciously ‘smooth as silk’ Asahi Black. Served at sub zero temperatures, this dark and creamy beer will have you converted in moments. Comparatively lighter than your average dark ale, Asahi Black leaves a refreshing after taste on the palette. Both the Asahi Super Dry and Black are well suited to any meal.
The bar snack style menu includes super spicy chicken wings ($12), pulled pork sliders with house made BBQ sauce ($12), popcorn prawns with chipotle ($12) and deep fried mac n cheese balls ($9).
Beat the crowds and secure yourself a spot on the outdoor mezzanine that overlooks the city. The Asahi Super Dry, Extra Cold Summer Bar is open to the public from October 24th through to Friday 23rd January. Opening hours are from 4pm-10pm Monday – Wednesday and 12pm- 10pm Thursday – Saturday.