5 Things to do in Sydney when it rains

Food Guide, Sydney / 17 March 2014
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5 Things to do in Sydney when it rains

Food Guide, Sydney / 17 March 2014

According to the Bureau of Meteorology and the World Meteorology Organisation, Sydney now beats London for number of rainy days per year. And Sydney people are such sooks about the weather – suddenly nobody can drive, you’re worried about your new suede boots and you’re stuck inside downloading The Notebook and eating your way through last night’s pizza.
To get you inspired next time there’s wet weather, we’ve compiled a short list of alternative things to do in Sydney.

1. Golden Age Cinema and Bar

There’s no better way to spend a rainy day than going to the movies. But this isn’t your average movie experience. Forget blockbuster hits and 200 seater cinemas with screaming babies and first date kissing sounds (not cool man).  Head to Golden Age Cinema and Bar a 60-seater cinema shows the movie classics, from the hilarity of Monty Python and the Holy Grail to the sexiness of Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes. Grab a cocktail, maybe The Godfather or a Casablanca, to enjoy before, during or after the flick. They’ve got movie munchies and film-inspired specials to match the movie showing at the time.
Visit: http://ourgoldenage.com.au 

2. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Believe it or not, you can be surrounded by water while staying perfectly dry. The Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour boasts almost two million litres of water in the Oceanarium – you don’t have to dive off the reef to see Australia’s marine life up close and personal. From Crabzilla (the biggest crab in the world) to the Mermaid Lagoon to the too-cute-to-be-true penguins, the Aquarium has something for everyone. To skip the queue in the rain pre-purchase your tickets through viator.com. If you’re watching the seals have their lunch and get a tad peckish visit Aqua Café for a little comfort food and Aqua Snacks.
Visit: http://www.sydneyaquarium.com.au/

3. City Amusements

You’re free to discover your inner kid at City Amusements in Market City. Open till late every day, it’s a veritable smorgasbord of childish activities to distract you from the dreary weather. For the best savings, grab yourself a Double Deal Thursday or a Triple Treat Tuesday and play laser tag, dodge ‘em cars, pinball and those old-fashioned Pac Man machines to your heart’s content. Win a bucket load of tickets to spend on toys that will (almost certainly) break the minute you leave. It’s also the biggest steal in town – $5 dodge ‘ems and $9 laser tag!
Visit: http://www.cityamusements.com.au/

4. The Lord Dudley

Sometimes, the best thing about being British is being able to snuggle in front of a roaring fireplace when the weather turns foul. Fortunately, the Lord Dudley in Woollahra allows you to channel your inner Brit without the twenty-nine hour commute. The Lord Dud has five rooms, each a little cosier than the last, not to mention an outdoor and undercover area where locals and their faithful puppies chew the fat and bemoan the weather. The plates are bigger than your face and heaped twice as high with pub favourites like juicy steak, slow-cooked lamb, salmon with prawns and the inimitable pork pie. The staff are incredibly tolerant of noisy groups, so grab your buddies, steal that coveted booth in front of the fire and watch the game on the big screen.
Visit: http://www.lorddudley.com.au/

5. Let’s Go Surfing!

Let’s Go Surfing is the alternative for those who thought the first four on this list were soft options. This Bondi Beach surf school doesn’t cancel classes because the sprinklers turn on, in fact, some of the best waves come with the rain. You’re going to get wet anyway, so take advantage of the emptier beach and improve your skills with the dedicated and fully qualified staff. All you have to bring is your enthusiasm, and Let’s Go Surfing will provide the rest (including a wetsuit, so you won’t freeze). Give the rain the finger as you surf your dream wave! Yeeeewwwww!
Visit: http://letsgosurfing.com.au/

Got any other suggestions for wet weather activities? Share away…