5 Dos and Donts at the Races

Play, Sydney / 16 April 2014

A day at Royal Randwick is a must on my social calendar each spring and autumn. It’s a great excuse to glam it up during the day with a group of your favourite friends. But, all too often you hear stories of ‘that girl’ who ended up barefoot cuddling an empty bottle of bubbles on the grass or ‘that guy’ who was kicked out for his ‘disorderly behaviour’.  To help you avoid becoming that girl or that guy check out our essential Do’s and Don’t guide for how to behave at the races:


  1. Get in early! Whether you’re a horse racing aficionado or enjoy the trackside social scene, it’s best if you have the time to enjoy it all. If you’re lucky, snatch your own table with a view of the track.
  2. Have a big breakfast before you arrive. I can’t stress this enough as you will probably forget to eat when you there. I would recommend champagne and OJ breakfast accompanied with smoked salmon and eggs. 
  3. Strike up a conversation. Girls: Strike up a conversation with the cute guy in the line for the bookie asking him what his best tips are. Guys: Compliment a girl on her fascinator (yes that’s the funny thing sitting on the side of her head) or her dress.
  4. Yell aloud if you win: It’s all part of the experience and excitement of being at the races.
  5. Only spend the cash you bring:  Think about it, booze, gambling and a credit card don’t mix as well as you think.
  6. (Bonus tip) – Bet on the horse with the fancy names. Remember going with the favourite horse won’t get you the best odds, why not take the risk and bet on the horse which has a name that grabs you, like – ‘Passing Wind’ or ‘Maythehorsebewithu’!


  1. Wear those new shiny shoes you have just got out of the box. Yes those shoes might look perfect with your outfit but if you haven’t worn them before think about the blisters coming your way in about 6-8 hours. Bring a pair of ballet flats that you can hide in your bag. Girls seen walking bare foot is just not a good look.
  2. (For the ladies) Put fake tan on the morning of. The races occur during the day so in the sunlight you can see all unwanted tan streaks. A tandoori tan that leaves it mark on your dress is not a turn on.
  3. Don’t get too blotto by drinking your champers straight from the bottle. Remember the races have an air of sophistication about it. You won’t want to be the one kicked out from the venue for disorderly behaviour.
  4. Wear that dress. The one best suited for a beachy function. The rule to follow is if you’re going to show cleavage or leg show one ‘or the other’, not both. Expect wind, or rain so be prepared.
  5. Forget to book a taxi, or mini bus: I would have to say this is one of those essential items each year I say I will do but forget to book. I recommend pre arranging an UBER or mini bus to be waiting out the front for your party of friends as you leave the race course. As we all know fighting for a taxi with 20,000 hungry punters is  not the perfect end to your day.

So, what’s your top tips?
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