Coming Soon: Via Napoli’s Sister Restaurant, 170 Grammi Pizzeria

Eat, Sydney / 17 May 2024
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Coming Soon: Via Napoli’s Sister Restaurant, 170 Grammi Pizzeria

Eat, Sydney / 17 May 2024

Serving up some of the only Roman-style round pizza in Sydney.

Pizza lovers in Sydney are no strangers to Via Napoli, making waves as some of the best wood-fired pizzas in the city. Now, owner Luigi Esposito is paying homage to Italy’s capital with the opening of his newest restaurant, 170 Grammi, dedicated to la tonda Romana, a Roman-style pizza best known for its thinner and crisper crust.

Situated in the heart of Surry Hills, 170 Grammi will take the art of Roman pizza to new heights. Named after the weight of each ball of dough, the pizzas will be thinner and crunchier than the Verace Neapolitan-style varieties from Naples. Unlike traditional pizzas that are served in slices or as a rectangle, 170 Grammi has brought back the classic 1950s round shape. These doughs are cooked in their 1.9 tonne handmade wood-fired oven, then topped with fresh ingredients inspired by the rich flavours of Rome (like carbonara with guanciale and pecorino).

170 Grammi Porchetta Pizza

“It’s really unique,” says Luigi Esposito. “The thin crust going crunch with every bite matches perfectly with the freshness and flavours of the toppings, which melt in your mouth.”

Although the style of pizza this time around is different, Luigi remains committed to preserving the warm, welcoming atmosphere that has made Via Napoli a beloved destination. 170 Grammi will seat an intimate 60, with a long bar and tables that spill onto the sunny intersection of Foveaux and Crown streets. Alongside pizza, the eatery will also be serving extensive antipasti menu, cocktails, and wine from international and local suppliers.

170 Grammi Exterior

“The venue is on the corner, it’s bright and it’s next to so many iconic places like Gelato Messina and The Dolphin,” says Esposito. “Sydneysiders love their pizza, so we wanted to give them an alternative style that showcases another beautiful part of Italy,” 

170 Grammi is set to open in mid-May at 428 Crown Street, Surry Hills. The restaurant will open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday. For more information, visit their website here.