Speak With A Vet Anywhere, Anytime Thanks To Video Call Service WebVet

Cool Sh*t / 8 May 2020

Want to chat with a vet without leaving your couch? Now you can thanks to WebVet, the new at-home video call service.

It’s not just us humans that are steering clear of doctors and hospitals unless absolutely necessary right now. For many pet owners, a trip to the vet isn’t something they feel comfortable doing during COVID-19. And for any small questions you might have, picking up the phone instead and ringing your vet might seem like the only solution. But now, a new video call service is helping to bridge the gap between pets and vets during the Coronavirus shutdown.

Say hello to WebVet, the new virtual live stream consultation service created by Greencross Vets and Petbarn. The video conferencing service connects pet owners across Australia with their network of vets and nurses, helping to assess pets via video call.

Helping to provide peace of mind to pet owners during this period of social distancing, WebVet offers 24/7 access to Australia’s biggest network of over 1,000 vets across Australia. These professionals can offer qualified advice via these video calls, giving pet owners a more comprehensive consultation than would be possible via phone calls alone.

Plus, for Australians living in rural and remote locations, the service is helping to provide immediate assistance for pet owners no matter where they are based. Each consult runs for 15 to 20 minutes and costs pet owners $39.95, with owners able to schedule in-person appointments if necessary following these video calls.

To access these affordable 24/7 sessions via WebVet, pet owners can simply head to their website to enter their virtual waiting room. Keep your pet nearby as one of the team’s vet be will online to speak with you shortly. Here, you can pay promptly and securely online via debit or credit card before getting the advice you need from the vet about your pet’s situation.

Ready to speak with a vet? Click here to find out more about WebVet.