Could This Be The Most Wholesome Channel on YouTube?

/ 15 August 2018

Prepare to have your hearts (and stomaches) filled as this Youtube channel films Italian nonnas making old-school pasta.

In our busy lives, many would argue that making pasta from scratch is a long forgotten art. All hope is not lost though, with the advent of a Youtube channel guaranteed to warm your cockles. Slowing down the clock and here to bring some wholesome Italian love to our PC screens are the Pasta Grannies.

With over 130,000 subscribers on this YouTube channel, you can tune in every Thursday to watch a new Italian ‘nonne’ in their home making traditional pasta dishes. Master the art of everything from pillowy gnocchi to perfectly cooked pappardelle, linguine, tortellini and more. Not only are you given special insights into each nonne’s cooking techniques, each YouTube clip perfectly captures broader cultural constructs surrounding the rich tapestry of food.

To get a taste of the action, check out the preview below.

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