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Cafes, Eat, Melbourne / 5 March 2018

Get your jiggle on as iconic Japanese cheesecake shop Uncle Tetsu’s launches their second Melbourne store

It’s the stuff of viral video legend: the sensual jiggle, the perfectly tanned curves, fluffy yet rich. That’s right, its the ultra Instagrammable Japanese cheesecake that’s been flooding everyone’s stories and feeds – and now Melburnians can get their hands on this kawaii delight, with iconic Japanese cheesecake store Uncle Tetsu’s opening their second city store at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.
When Shuntaro Kurakake and Tetsushi Mizokami baked their first cheesecake at their small Uncle Tetsu’s store in Fukuoka back in the late 1980s, they knew they were onto something with this uniquely fluffy take on the classic cheesecake, but they had no idea their wiggly wonder would explode onto the international scene with such frenzy. Before their worldwide expansion, tales of intrepid gastronomic travellers scouring the net for cheap flights to Japan just to snap up one of their cheesecakes peppered food blogs and travel forums. With stores now dotted around the globe, those picky palates can now get their fix a little closer to home.
When Australia’s first Uncle Tetsu’s opened in Sydney back in 2016, Sydneysiders lined up for blocks to get their hands on a cake of their own. In the first 10 days of business, they shifted 14,000 cheesecakes and had to implement a one-per-customer policy. The launch of the Swanston Street store in November saw similar culinary chaos hit Melbourne, with Japanese expats and locals alike desperate to nab one.
With a second Melbourne store opening recently at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Uncle Tetsu’s is becoming the go-to treat for the CBD crowd. The cheesecakes themselves are obviously the hot ticket item, but the stores also sell Japanese cream cheese puddings – think creme caramel, but thicker and silkier with a luxurious creaminess – as well as their own unique Japanese take on the classic of French boulangeries, the dainty madeleine.
Uncle Tetsu Madeleines
Kind of like a Madeleine meets a muffin, Uncle Tetsu’s madeleines have the store’s trademark light fluffiness, while still packing a flavourful punch without being too overly saccharine. The perfect on the go treat for those looking for a little 3pm pick up that’s not cloyingly sweet. The Swanston Street store sells vanilla and chocolate madeleines, while the Melbourne Central store sells vanilla and the gorgeously delicate Earl Grey and lemon interpretation.
But you may have spied the Madeleine’s little green buddy in the picture above, and that’s because on March 8 – at precisely 4pm – Uncle Tetsu’s have another surprise of Melbourne diners. If you hadn’t already guessed it, the stores will be launching their newest flavour: matcha! The quintessential Japanese flavour is being introduced to all three of their product lines, with matcha cheesecakes, matcha puddings, and matcha madeleines coming fresh out of the oven this Thursday.
It’s a matcha made in heaven! (Sorry, I had to.)
Uncle Tetsu Matcha Cheesecake
As a lover of all things matcha – especially matcha KitKats, of course – and cheesecake, I was super excited to get my hands on the line. Having now selflessly sampled the entire matcha collection already, I can say that if previous launches are anything to go by, you’re going to want to get in early to secure yourself some. The matcha pudding is intensely flavourful, and the gentle bitterness of the matcha balances perfectly with the richness of the cream cheese pudding.  The madeleines have the same matcha flavour, but are dotted with Japanese red beans that make the cakes super moist and lush, and add a subtle kick of sweetness. But the matcha cheesecake is where the genius of this combo really shines. With the same light and fluffy cheesecake consistency and rich and creamy mouthfeel, the matcha cheesecake explodes into a matcha bomb when scoffed (and it will be scoffed).
The matcha collection is definitely one you’re going to want to try, even if you’re not a matcha tragic like me. The cheesecakes and madeleines keep for three days in the fridge if, for some bizarre reason, you don’t demolish the whole thing on the tram ride home like I did. So head down and grab yourself a take-home box, or have the fine folk at Deliveroo or Foodora bring some to your door if you don’t want to brave the launch lines.
Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Sweets Factory
Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
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