WIN an exclusive Harry Potter cocktail and dining experience at The Rialto

Competitions, Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 28 February 2019

The magic of Harry Potter is woven throughout the Rialto, incorporating themed dining, a cocktail menu and enchanting rooms and suites.

To celebrate Melbourne hosting Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – the third city to show it yet – the Intercontinental Rialto invites guests to enjoy “The Magic Behind the Facade”, while staying in the city.

Theatrical dining, deluxe accommodation and an exclusive cocktail menu are all part of the experience.

In the Market Lane Bar overlooking the Rialto’s Alluvial restaurant, resident mixologists have conjured up a number of potions. Fans may notice the incredible attention to detail that’s gone into the inspired cocktail menu. The Headmaster’s Lemon Sherbet Sour uses a combination of Lemon Sherbet Vodka, egg white, freshly squeezed lemon juice, Liquor 43 and sugar syrup, to craft a liquid representation of Albus Dumbledore’s favoured sweet.

Love Potion Harry Potter

The ‘dangerous’ Love Potion includes pomegranate juice, Grey Goose Vodka and rhubarb bitters, giving it a stark red hue, whilst a bubbling green brew mimics the infamous Polyjuice Potion, comprising a gin base, pistachio syrup, cream, and other ingredients that make up this powerful concoction.

Dining Rialto

Other featured cocktails include the highly coveted Butterbeer – with a Rialto twist of course – and the Dark Magic Martini, taking fans back to the ominous cave in the sixth Harry Potter book.

Alluvial dessert

As part of the experience, the Alluvial restaurant is serving up a theatre dining menu inspired by the Harry Potter series. Expect mouth-watering dishes revealed with smoke cloches, decadent desserts, and fun references to the play that are sure to get you in the mood for the magical show. 

Find out more about staying at the Rialto with the “Magical Facade Package” here.

Competition time!

If you’d like to maximise your Harry Potter theatre experience or simply live a life more wizard, enter the competition below where one winner will win a Harry Potter cocktail and dining experience for two at The Rialto.