Studio Amaro: The Latest hotspot on Chapel Street That Makes You Forget Time

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 12 September 2023

“At the table, no one grows old.” proudly spoken by head chef Daniel Migliaccio at Studio Amaro. It’s the newest kid on the Chapel Street block and we’re happy its arrived.


Though it’s the youngest among its family—Tokyo Tina, Firebird, Moonhouse—Studio Amaro sets itself apart. It veers away from Asian influences to embrace Italian flavour.

Simon Blatcher and Nic Coulter, the minds behind it, never disappoint. Their latest creation has charm, hard work, and a magnetic appeal that captures your heart—true love, or ‘amore,’ as Italians say.

The dining area strikes a balance between dark and inviting. Groups of all sizes find a home here, immediately caught in the place’s dynamic energy. And it’s hard to look away from the bustling open kitchen. Your eyes will fixate on rising, fluffy focaccia and masterful chefs at work.

On the menu, you’ll find prosciutto with sweet melon that teases your taste buds. Pickled zucchini adds a spicy kick, keeping things lively. But pasta is the star here, especially the oxtail ragu encased in house-made paccheri. It’s a robust and comforting dish you won’t forget.

Then there’s the wine—table wine, served unpretentiously in water glasses. It has a light fizz, perfectly complementing the hearty Italian dishes. Want something different? Try their unique take on a sour cherry negroni.

Don’t call it a night just yet. Head to the underground bar for more fun. A DJ spins a mix of tunes, and the Studio 54-inspired vibe is infectious.

Studio Amaro may have taken its time to arrive, but it’s here to stay. And for that, we toast—Salute.