StoryVille celebrates one year with a new cocktail list

Drink, Melbourne / 25 September 2018

Enter a world of fantasy literature and adventure at StoryVille

StoryVille enchants from the moment you approach its mysterious door. Tucked into the alley beside Lonsdale Street’s Stalactites, the entrance leads guests up a magic Faraway Tree staircase into its fantasy inspired emporium.

Giant luminescent mushrooms grow from the walls and ceiling in ‘The Mushroom Palace’, flowers encase the ‘Bird Cage’, and a swing inspires many an Instagram post.

Storyville Memoirs of a Geisha Cocktail

From the team that brought us Pawn & Co. and 29th apartment, Storyville is celebrating its first year of success, pinned as one of Melbourne’s most ambitious escapist destinations. Owners Steve Thomas and Keti Kezunovic marked the occasion with an enticing new cocktail menu. Cast your eyes around the room for novels such as Gone Girl, The Life of Pi and my favourite, Enid Blyton’s The Folk of the The Faraway Tree, where the menu is concealed.

Storyville The Library

Instilling nostalgia from the get-go, the cocktails are intriguing, well designed and relevant, for all of us wanting a little fantasy in our lives. Down the Rabbit Hole, Secret Garden and Memoirs are just a few names drawn from popular literature. Each cocktail is served in StoryVille’s unique way, whether it be a balanced fishing rod, a flower pot, or glittering with gold dust and wings (Golden Snitch).

Storyville Golden Snitch cocktail

If you like a few fireworks Rosemary Magdalen (drawing inspiration from the Bible) is served with a lit stem of rosemary and packs a punch with a balance of Starward Wine Cask whisky, honey, lemon, blueberry and rosemary smoke. Polyjuice was a standout tipple, with refreshing vodka, basil and kiwi fruit-infused flavours. For a bit of fun, go for the Memoirs of a Geisha inspired cocktail which arrives with origami paper.

Storyville the Bird Cage

Continue climbing the enchanted tree-like staircase to reach ‘The Library’ with giant books lining the walls, fantastic creatures from Harry Potter behind the DJ booth, and Narnia-esque corners.

Step inside, select your potion, and enjoy an evening of childhood fantasy, wrapped up in adulthood fun.

Storyville NARNIA