Shanghai Red, Chadstone Shopping Centre

Eat, Melbourne / 12 November 2018

Shanghai Red brings a 1920s Shanghai vibe and authentic Chinese cuisine to Chadstone

Shanghai Red is the latest venture from restauranteur David Loh, bringing authentic Chinese cuisine to Chadstone Shopping Centre’s outdoor dining precinct.

With a vision to reflect the grandeur and tradition of the 1920s era of Shanghainese dining, Loh (of Tetsujin, Rice Workshop, Thailander, Dessert Story, Sushi Jiro) has brought in chefs from Shanghai to ensure the history is steeped in its cuisine.

Shangai Red Fish. Photo: Fiona Hamilton

But that doesn’t stop Loh from bringing an Australian element to the menu. Kangaroo dumplings with Kakadu plum are a speciality, filled with the native fruit that softens the kangaroo’s gamey nature. Not to be missed are the steamed truffle dumplings – which are an iconic jet black colour, juicy and delicious – and a unique gluten and fungus salad for the more adventurous.

Shanghai Red dumpling. Photo: Fiona Hamilton

The menu, served morning to evening, also covers a range of Shanghainese staples, including a selection of dim sum, dumplings, noodles and Xiao long bao (dumpling soup) – a renowned Jiang Nan delicacy, originating in Nan Xiang, Shanghai. Traditionally steamed, the dish is comprised of a soup broth and fresh pork filling.

Shangai Red outdoor. Photo: Fiona Hamilton

Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, the restaurant reiterates its traditional heritage with a bold red decor throughout; making it look as authentic as its taste. The venue also features a dumpling-making theatre, allowing guests to observe the process through a viewing window.

Shangai Red Fungus Salad. Photo: Fiona Hamilton

The official Shanghai Red restaurant launch saw a cultural welcome featuring the Chinese dragon, symbolising luck, and a drum performance for guests. Loh got involved, sabering a bottle of Champagne to mark the occasion.

Shangai Red jazz band. Photo: Fiona Hamilton

For traditional Shanghainese dining, Shanghai Red offers an authentic dining experience at Australia’s fashion capital.