Shaking It Off with Swift-Inspired Sips in Melbourne

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Melbourne / 13 February 2024

The Taylor Swift craze is well and truly abuzz in Melbourne, echoing through the laneways and spilling into the bars.

Melbourne prepares to welcome the pop sensation this February with a Taylor Swift Cocktail. Local hotspots Yakimono and Chin Chin are stirring up the scene. Remixing a cocktail fit for Swift herself, The French Blonde, reportedly a favourite of the singer, is being reimagined. This Swift-inspired mixology movement is more than just a nod to the singer’s famed taste; it’s a celebration of her influence, turning Melbourne into a playground for Swifties and cocktail aficionados alike.

Shake It Off with a Swift-Inspired Mix

Yakimono and Chin Chin, two of Melbourne’s trendsetting bars, are leading the pack, remixing the French Blonde, a cocktail reportedly favoured by Swift herself. For a short and sweet period from February 15th to 18th, fans can channel their inner Taylor for $24.50. Imagine sipping on a concoction of 30ml Tanqueray Gin, 30ml Lillet Blanc, 30ml St Germain, and 60ml Grapefruit juice, all while shaking off your troubles with a dash of lemon bitters and a stylish grapefruit twist.

Bad Blood No More: Uniting Swifties and Mixologists

In a city that loves a good pop-up and a catchy tune, these Taylor Swift cocktails Melbourne are more than just a themed drink; they’re a unifying call to Swifties. It’s an invitation to step into an enchanted Melbourne bar scene, where every cocktail shaker sounds like the beat of a hit song, and every sip is a tribute to Taylor’s storytelling.

A Toast to Taylor: Swifties Take the Town

This is Melbourne’s chance to welcome Taylor with open arms and clinking glasses. The weekend promises a blend of Swift’s chart-toppers and Melbourne’s mixology, creating a vibe so infectious that even the most casual fan can’t help but get caught up in the revelry. Picture this: you’re in Chin Chin, raising a glass to Taylor, feeling 22, and the night is still young.

Taylor Swift Cocktail

Swift Sips and Melbourne Vibes

This February, Melbourne is hosting a global pop icon and embracing her with every shake, stir, and pour. Yakimono and Chin Chin’s French Blonde, a drink for the Swifties. As Taylor Swift takes the stage, Melbourne raises its glasses, proving that when it comes to celebrating music and mixology, this city knows how to throw a party.

Swift-Inspired French Blonde Recipe:

  • Shake 30ml Tanqueray Gin, 30ml Lillet Blanc, 30ml St Germain, and 60ml Grapefruit juice with ice.
  • Strain into a chilled coupe, garnish with a grapefruit twist, and toast to the queen of pop.

Swifties gear up for an unforgettable show, the city’s bars offer a flavourful prelude, mixing up magic in a glass. Here’s to a weekend where the spirits are as high as the high notes. And every cocktail tells a story, all in the key of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Cocktail