Real and Raw: Connecting Through Creativity and Business

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne / 20 April 2024
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Real and Raw: Connecting Through Creativity and Business

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne / 20 April 2024

On the evening of May 1st, 2024, from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM, Melbourne’s creative community will gather at the charming Monphell House for an enriching event dubbed ‘R+R’.

R+R is an initiative by 28th Day Creative and blends storytelling in business with artistic expression, offering a platform for profound connection and inspiration.

A Panel of Creative Powerhouses

The highlight of the evening will be a panel discussion led by Amy Hart, co-founder and executive producer at 28th Day Creative. Joining the panel are notable figures such as Christopher Polack, photographer and director at HAUS PLK, Sophie McGrath, founder of Sophie McGrath PR and Bed Intentions, Steve Chan, head chef and owner of SLEEPYS Cafe and Wine Bar, and Liv Yates, co-founder and creative director at 28th Day Creative and Olive Catherine.

Over 45 minutes, these influencers will delve into the ‘Internal Monologue’, discussing perseverance, the challenges of distraction, perfectionism, fear, and comparison. The discussion will encourage attendees to embrace discomfort in the creative process and push for anti-conformity in storytelling across Australia.

Interactive Brand Experiences and Art Installations

The event will feature a space where attendees can interact with local brands known for their bold and spicy offerings. These brands include Hopeless Lingerie and Bed Intentions. Moreover, an immersive art installation by Christopher Polack and an interactive wall inspired by Yoko Ono’s ‘My Mommy is Beautiful’. Prepare yourself for captivating experiences and contemporary art.

An Evening of Entertainment and Engagement

R+R is not just about listening and observing; it’s about engaging and participating. Post-panel, the floor will open for a Q&A session, allowing the audience to explore deeper insights and share personal experiences that inspire and ignite passion.

DJ Moz will be setting the mood with his music as attendees enjoy a drink, courtesy of the house. There will be a chance to win exciting prizes. Every ticket includes access to the panel talks, brand experiences, art exhibitions, a goodie bag, and entry into a prize draw.

Connect and Be Inspired

‘R+R’ offers a chance to network with like-minded individuals, gain new perspectives, and leave feeling inspired. This is an event for those eager to experience the synergy of business acumen and creative flair.

Head to Eventbrite to secure your ticket or visit 28th Day Creative’s official website for more info. Witness real stories and raw creativity in Melbourne’s vibrant community setting.