Dry July in Melbourne: Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Around Town

Drink, Melbourne / 4 July 2023

As Melbourne embraces Dry July, several of its renowned dining establishments are rising to the occasion, offering up delightful non-alcoholic cocktails.

Here’s a spotlight on some of these venues adding a sober twist to their menus.

Society Dining Room at 80 Collins Street is offering a range of non-alcoholic cocktails this month (and all year round), curated by their talented mixologists and Loïc Avril, Lucas Restaurants’ esteemed Beverage Director. Their crafted selection includes a variety of choices like the Rose Lemonade, Royal Punch, and High Country, each for just $16. They’re bringing a touch of sophistication to this Dry July.

The famous Italian eatery Grill Americano at 112 Flinders Lane, is shaking things up. They’re providing non-alcoholic alternatives for their beloved cocktails. From the tangy Passione to the refreshing Highball Alpino, and the citrusy Agrumato, each drink costs $15. A visit to Grill Americano promises to be a feast for both the taste buds and the eyes.

Yakimono is fanning the flames of creativity with its Dry July offerings. Known for its Japanese-inspired menu and high-energy atmosphere, it’s introducing an innovative bubble tea cocktail, the ‘Bandobubble Bando’, among other non-alcoholic tipples, all available for $14 each. With Yakimono, it’s about enjoying the nuances of Asian flavours and textures without the alcohol.

Chin Chin Melbourne is embracing Dry July with their alcohol-free cocktails that blend Asian and Australian influences. For $13 each, guests can enjoy unique mocktails such as the Lemon Tree, Raspberry Sherbet, and Blackberry Bush. Chin Chin continues to prove that vibrant flavours don’t require alcohol to shine.

Over at Bond Street, Shane Delia’s Jayda bar is adding a non-alcoholic spin to its opulent cocktails. Sample the Jallab, Lyre’s Negroni, or Banks Botanicals, with the promise of customised alcohol-free pours on request. This cocktail bar is turning Dry July into an art form.

At St Kilda’s beachfront, Stokebar is offering non-alcoholic variations of its entire cocktail menu (excluding martinis). Enjoy the Pink Lady Spritz, Lychee Fizz, or Dragon Fruit Bramble in a relaxing seaside ambiance, celebrating Dry July with a breath of fresh sea air.

Finally, Cityfields at Chadstone’s The Social Quarter is treating guests to refined European fare alongside non-alcoholic specials. Enjoy a $10 non-spritz or a Pear champagne cocktail while soaking in the stunning scenery. Cityfields is showing that sophistication and sobriety can indeed go hand in hand.

This Dry July, Melbourne’s top dining establishments are proving that you don’t need alcohol to enjoy a sophisticated cocktail. As they creatively redefine the cocktail scene, it’s clear there’s never been a better time to participate in Dry July in Melbourne.