How Do You Brew with Rosso’s Brand New Coffee Experience In North Melbourne

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 5 December 2023

Melbourne’s coffee scene gets a vibrant boost with the Rosso Coffee Experience in North Melbourne.

Located in the bustling heart of North Melbourne, Rosso Coffee Experience is set in a converted, light-filled warehouse. The space combines industrial aesthetics with modern design, creating a bright, inviting environment. Its high ceilings and large windows flood the interior with natural light, setting the perfect stage for coffee exploration.

EAT: Delicious Brunch Flavours

Under the guidance of Chef Michael Bernerger Kevin, trained by Neil Perry, the menu at Rosso Coffee Experience showcases a delightful mix of options. From the sumptuous Hot Buttered Lobster Roll to the robust Chilli Chorizo Folded Eggs, the dishes cater to various dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free choices. This diverse menu complements the coffee, providing a distinct dining delight.

Rosso Coffee Experience

DRINK: An Immersive Coffee Adventure

Coffee at Rosso is not merely a beverage; it’s an engaging experience. Patrons participate in the coffee-making process, guided by knowledgeable Rosso experts. Beyond the traditional cup, the establishment features innovative products like the Boston Black Cold Brew Concentrate and the Black Geisha Coffee Liqueur, making for a comprehensive and educational coffee experience.

PLAY: Learn All About Coffee

The Rosso Coffee Experience extends its allure beyond consumption to education and aesthetic pleasure. Set in a revamped warehouse, the space mesmerises with its prominent coffee roaster and lively LED lighting. It also offers practical workshops on coffee roasting and machine maintenance, appealing to coffee enthusiasts who wish to deepen their craft.

Rosso, A Comprehensive Coffee Destination

Envisioned by Ramez Abdulnour, the Rosso North Melbourne outpost emerges as a comprehensive destination for coffee lovers. It melds interactive brewing sessions, a varied menu, and informative workshops. This innovative venue is poised to become an integral part of Melbourne’s celebrated coffee culture.

The experience is a holistic journey into the world of coffee, offering a blend of gastronomic delight, hands-on learning, and visual splendour.

Rosso Coffee Experience

Rosso Coffee Experience