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Eat, Melbourne / 21 November 2016

Real Jerk Food Truck is bringing the beaches of Jamaica directly to you with authentic Caribbean cuisine

Boss Man Food, the creators of Real Jerk Food Truck, have risen to the frontline of Melbourne’s Caribbean food scene with successful restaurants like Yeah Maan and Bax Food & Co. They are renowned for their authentic upkeep of Carribean traditions with yellow and red feature walls, palm trees and reggae music consistently pumping as food is served.
Additionally, their thriving catering arm Caribbean Fling and their most-loved pop-up marquee Boss Man Food Jerk Hut made them more than qualified to search for the next progressive step. Naturally, a food truck was the way to go.
The Real Jerk Food Truck merges all their knowledge and experience in restaurants, catering and pop-up food experiences to deliver an authentic and original take on traditional Caribbean street food.
Expect a moving tropical experience that will transport you from the Jamaican beaches to the exotic Caribbean islands. Reggae music will accompany your experience beside the different Melbourne locations the Real Jerk Food truck will be travelling to.
So what exactly does a Caribbean food truck offer? Firstly, the recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, so you’ll be tasting the traditional taste of the Caribbean. Additionally, their spices and ingredients are all imported from Jamaica! Though, they have tried to keep up with contemporary Caribbean culture as well, so there will be cultural fusions that merge different cuisines. Expect extravagant burgers, lots of different meat dishes and plenty of spice.
The Real Jerk Food Truck is an innovative addition to the Melbourne Food Truck Scene that offers an alternative twist on the Aussie love of street-food.
And if their authentic Caribbean food doesn’t whet your appetite, their awesome reggae music video ‘Jerk’ featuring Jason Heerah, N’fa Jones, Stick Mareebo and Dalton Grant Junior will definitely get you in the mood for some Jerk chicken! 

Make sure you keep up with their Facebook and Instagram for location updates!
The Real Jerk Food Truck
Roaming around Melbourne, VIC, Australia
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