Now Open: Maurice Terzini and Joe Jones Purple Pit Cocktail Bar

Drink, Melbourne / 13 December 2023

Purple Pit Cocktail Bar is redefining the city’s bar scene with its unique blend of style, flavour, and cultural vibrancy.

This exciting new venture, situated in the heart of Melbourne beneath the Gothic Queens and Collins building, is the brainchild of Maurice Terzini and Joe Jones.

EAT: ‘Champagne Food’

Firstly, Purple Pit’s menu is a testament to culinary innovation. Known as “Champagne food,” the offerings are perfect for late-night indulgence. The menu boasts house-made Calzone with a variety of fillings, from classic mortadella and ricotta to inventive Big Mac-inspired flavours. Furthermore, the Tomato Tartare, with its unique preparation involving shio koki, offers a texture and taste reminiscent of dry-aged beef. These dishes, especially when paired with the Tuna Loin, exude a balance of bright, sour, acidic, and spicy flavours, perfectly complementing the eclectic drink selection.

DRINK: Expertly Crafted Concoctions

Moreover, the bar’s drink selection highlights Jones’ expertise in mixology. The “Ticket To Ride,” a novel combination of champagne and caviar, is presented elegantly on a silver tray, reflecting the bar’s luxurious ambience. Additionally, the Emerald City is a blend of jasmine spirit, lemon, sherry, and green apple soda, showcasing an innovative take on traditional cocktails. The reimagined Bellini, with its peach essence and burnt honey vodka, offers a crisp and refreshing twist.

PLAY: A Symphony of Art and Music

Additionally, Purple Pit transcends the usual bar experience. The venue’s design, a collaboration between Daniel Dalla Riva and Filip Bjazevic, artfully combines elements of brutalism with luxurious touches. Starting in 2024, the venue will host an array of music, ranging from post-punk to soothing romantic tunes. This integration of art, music, and design not only enriches the culinary experience but also establishes Purple Pit as a cultural hub.

Purple Pit Cocktail Bar, a fusion of Maurice and Joe’s vision where food, drinks, music, and design converge to create an unparalleled experience beckoning everyone to explore this exceptional addition to Melbourne’s nightlife.

Purple Pit Cocktail Bar