Niku Shiki: Melbourne’s Newest Destination for Wagyu Enthusiasts

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 25 March 2024

Niku Shiki, a sanctuary for Wagyu lovers has opened in Melbourne Central.

This unique establishment combines a Wagyu-focused restaurant, a fully-stocked butcher, and a convenient grab-and-go kiosk, conceptualised by the visionary Kai Gu. With ‘meat for all seasons’ as its guiding principle, Niku Shiki invites diners to experience the versatility of Wagyu in various forms.

Niku Shiki

A Trio of Experiences

Upon stepping into Niku Shiki, visitors are presented with options catering to every preference: enjoy a leisurely meal in the restaurant’s inviting atmosphere, pick up a quick snack from the kiosk, or buy top-notch Wagyu and seafood from the butcher for a premium cooking experience at home. This adaptability is perfectly suited to both relaxed and on-the-go lifestyles.

Culinary Creations from a Master Chef

The menu at Niku Shiki, curated by Chef Ken Kee of Marble Yakiniku — recognised with a Good Food Hat in 2023 — showcases Wagyu in its most exceptional form. Thanks to a partnership with Pardoo Wagyu, dishes such as the succulent Wagyu Sukiyaki Hot Pot and the flavour-packed Wagyu Donburi stand out for their depth and quality, embodying the best of Japanese flavours.

Beyond Dining

What sets Niku Shiki apart is its expansive offering beyond the dining table. The on-site kiosk has become a favourite among professionals for its speedy, sumptuous sushi and sashimi, providing a brief culinary escape during a busy day. Meanwhile, the butcher and grocery section offers everything from choice Wagyu cuts to fresh seafood, alongside a curated selection of sake, marinades, and cooking essentials for those looking to replicate the Niku Shiki dining experience in their own kitchens.

Designing a Space for Connection

The layout, envisioned by Elvin Tan, effortlessly marries the dining, shopping, and takeaway segments into a unified, welcoming space. The interior design, featuring black marble with intricate patterns, reflects the quality of Wagyu served, creating a backdrop that encourages warmth and communal enjoyment.

Celebratory Launch Offers

In celebration of its launch, Niku Shiki introduced enticing offers, such as complimentary Wagyu meat with any Sukiyaki set and free sauces with every Wagyu purchase at the butcher, highlighting its dedication to providing an enriching experience for all patrons.

Niku Shiki stands as Melbourne’s newest hub for Wagyu appreciation, offering a refined blend of dining, shopping, and quick-service options. Whether you’re in search of a gourmet meal, a fast but delightful bite, or premium ingredients for home cooking, Niku Shiki delivers a comprehensive taste of Japan right in the bustling centre of Melbourne.

Niku Shiki