Mr. Miyagi Serves at the Australian Open 2024

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 17 January 2024

Mr. Miyagi at the Australian Open

Melbourne is well and truly a buzz with tennis fever at the Australian Open. Mr. Miyagi makes a smashing return, serving up a volley of Japanese-inspired bites. This year, they’re not holding back, launching an ace of a pop-up right in the midst of the Rod Laver Arena. It’s a perfect match of sports and dining finesse.

Mr. Miyagi Australian Open

EAT: Serving up a Culinary Smash

At the Australian Open, Mr. Miyagi dishes out its famed menu with a swift serve. The star player? Their new Pork Dumplings, drizzled in miso glaze and adorned with fresh coriander, at a very ‘love-all’ price of $19.50. It’s not just a dish; it’s a culinary backhand that’s bound to win points with the crowd.

DRINK: Sips and Sets in Style

What’s a thrilling match without a refreshing drink to toast the players’ efforts? With a general access pass, spectators can now pair their favourite Mr. Miyagi bites with a choice of beverages, ensuring the on-court action is complemented by off-court indulgence. It’s the perfect doubles partner – where the clink of glasses meets the cheer of the crowd.

PLAY: A Rally of Flavours and Festivity

Mr. Miyagi’s venture into the heart of Melbourne’s iconic sports arena livens up a sporty, foodie atmosphere. Their menu, featuring the crisp Miyagi Fried Chicken, the succulent Pork Belly Bao, the fiery Wasabi Fries, and the zesty Soba Noodle Salad, is like a well-played tennis rally: full of surprises and satisfying moments. Each dish is a game, set, and match in the culinary tournament of the Australian Open.

Mr. Miyagi Australian Open

Game, Set, Match to Mr. Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi’s presence at this year’s Australian Open is a bold stroke in Melbourne’s vibrant food scene. Located strategically on the arena’s north side, outside door 17 for an experience that serves up the essence of Melbourne – a city where world-class sports and exceptional dining go hand in hand. So, for those gracing the Open, make sure to swing by Mr. Miyagi’s – it’s where every bite is a grand slam.