Mister Bianco Fuses Art and Dining in Unique Melbourne Event

/ 21 June 2023

An occasion that marries art, photography, and delectable cuisine in a remarkable blend.

It’s no secret that Melbourne brims with diverse cultural experiences and unique events. The event, dubbed “The Art of Dining: INGREDIENT,” will unfold on Tuesday, 4th July, at Mister Bianco, a well-loved locale famous for its authentic Sicilian flavours.

The esteemed owner and chef of Mister Bianco, Joe Vargetto, has joined hands with the famed photographer Kristoffer Paulsen and Orlando Marzo, an award-winning mixologist and founder of Loro, to curate an unforgettable evening for Melbourne food and art enthusiasts. The dinner, promising an exciting fusion of fine food, refreshing drinks, and captivating photography, is an opportunity to revel in a sensory experience like no other.

Breaking away from past practices of creating a menu inspired by artwork, INGREDIENT has been brewed through an engaging and interactive dialogue between Joe and Kristoffer. Together, they have meticulously selected ingredients that not only adorn the walls as visual artworks but also manifest themselves in the culinary creations served on the plates. The combination honours Joe’s appreciation for local produce and his knack for storytelling through food.

Guiding your palate through the five-course meal will be a mix of bespoke cocktails crafted by Orlando Marzo from the Loro collection, and premium La Carta wines selected by Mister Bianco’s own Jade Ryan. The dining room setting will further accentuate the experience, with dimmed lights and wall-adorned photographic art inspired by the dinner’s theme.

For those fortunate enough to secure a spot at the table, the experience doesn’t end with the meal. Guests will have the chance to interact with Joe, Kristoffer, and Orlando, enriching their understanding of the evening’s craft and inspiration.

From an Olive Oil Martini accompanying Olive all’ascolana to a Bergamot Negroni paired with poached quince in chinotto and walnut, the event promises an evening of delightful surprises. The Art of Dining: INGREDIENT is priced at $205 per person. For those looking to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience, bookings can be made here.

Situated at 285 High Street, Kew, Mister Bianco serves as Melbourne’s haven for enjoying an extraordinary blend of modern European and traditional Italian flavours, mirroring Joe Vargetto’s style, vision, and heritage. This event, curated by a team of passionate artists and culinary experts, is one that Melbourne’s discerning diners shouldn’t miss.